Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review: Balls by Andie M. Long

Publication Date: February 23, 2016

Series: Ball Games #1
Rating: 5 Stars


Official Blurb:
Camille Turner has returned to her home town of Rotherham to open her new business, a childrens play centre. She said she left to pursue her education but in reality she was driven away by the antics of fellow pupil Dylan Ball, whose parting shot, a photo of Camille in tight shorts, earned her the nickname Camille Toe.

After swearing revenge as she left the school gates behind her, Camille is reunited with a now older and apologetic Dylan who wants to be friends. She’d tell him to go to Hell but he does genuinely seem sorry. Plus he’s also matured into one sexy male. It’s so unfair.
But does Dylan really want to be friends or is it all an act to embarrass her once again? 

Includes a Yorkshire/British glossary to teach you some rude slang ;)

Review: This was my first book by Andie and I really enjoyed it. It’s a fun, quirky, and quick read that kept me laughing from start to finish. I love romantic comedies and this one is super cute, and I am also in love with the cover.

Camille moved away from her hometown to purse her dreams or so everyone thought. Technically she did go to college to get a degree, but she also wanted to leave behind her nickname Camille Toe and especially the boy who gave it to her Dylan Ball. But now that Camille is back and opening her new business everything is looking up until she sees Dylan again. He isn’t the same boy she left behind. No, Dylan is now a sexy man who is apologizing profusely for causing so much trouble for Camille. Camille can only see the childish ways of Dylan and thinks he only wants to cause trouble, so why can’t she stop thinking about him. Can Camille really believe Dylan has changed or are they doomed to be enemies forever? Andie did a fantastic job with this one and I can’t wait to start the next.

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