Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Release Blitz: Teacher by Heather Dahlgren and Ella Emerson

Publication Date: March 22, 2016

Series: Standalone

Rating: 4 Stars 

Official Blurb: 
“High-school is such a bore.

My town is such a bore.
My life is such a bore.
I want out. I need to get away to New York City and fulfill my dreams.”

Trish Tess is itching to leave her perfect suburbia after high school to pursue her dreams in fashion. Her father has other plans though. If only Trish could make her father see that she wants more. A true Daddy’s girl, she wants to get into a little trouble to prove her point. But how?

“Life is finally going as planned.
I’ve got a full-time teaching job, I just moved to a new town and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.”

Sexy, high school teacher Levi Wild is new to town. Finally finding a job as a senior English teacher, Levi is excited to start his new career. But, one of his students will not stop flirting, even worse she is constantly on his mind. Even if she is eighteen, Levi knows this is not something that should ever be considered, right?

Lines will be crossed, lies will be told, and fantasies will be fulfilled.
Can forbidden love last or will it send them both to hell?
A standalone novel showcasing a hot teacher and a spitfire student.

Review: I was sold at student/teacher. I honestly don’t know why I love these books. Maybe it’s the forbidden student/teacher relationship, but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. This is my first book by both authors and I enjoyed it. I wish I had teachers like Levi was I was in school… sigh.

Trish meets Levi in a coffee shop. They are both attracted to each other from the get go. Levi asks Trish out on date and she is so excited. Trish is still floating on cloud nine when she arrives at school, until Mr. Wild walks into class… aka Levi. Even though Levi is her teacher, Trish isn’t going to back down, but how far will Mr. Wild let things go?

Levi just moved to town to start a new teaching job. Things are looking even better when he meets Trish and she accepts his offer to go on a date. But the minute he spots Trish in class he knows he’s in trouble. Sometimes not everything is as it appears. How far will Levi let things go and what will happen if he gives himself to Trish completely?

There were a few of things in this book that really shocked me. There were some surprises and things I didn’t see coming. I love the chemistry between Trish and Levi. Both irritated me at times, but I also loved them too. I honestly wish the ending would have been just a bit longer with more detail, but overall it was very good. I can’t wait to see what these two bring next and I am crossing my fingers for more Trish and Levi.

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