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Blog Tour: Hell Bent by Katheryn Kiden


Parties, graduation, and having the time of your life is what it’s supposed to be like when you turn eighteen, Unless you’re Isabelle Irons. For Izzy, her eighteenth birthday came with an apartment with her best friend, the stresses of running a recording company, and the biggest lie of her life. In one moment her very identity was stripped away. Everything she knew about herself was based on a lie, and those she trusted most were in fact, the keepers of that lie. 

For years Bennett Price been building up a persona. A false face to show to his fans and the world, but it’s time to shed the facade and reveal what lies beneath. When he finally takes the chance on making his life his own, the changes may bring him more than he bargained for. 

After a chance meeting in the most awkward of circumstances, on the worst night of her life, could they possibly find each other? 

Izzy may be hell bent on her own destruction, but Bennett is hell bent on making her his.

Katheryn Kiden, I hope you’re happy. You’ve broken me. Hell Bent left me as a sniffling, miserable mess of emotions that I quite honestly didn’t know was inside of me. This book is by far one of the best books I have read this year. Kiden takes a step away from her usual dark and twisted romance genre and takes on a contemporary romance story. I will admit I was waiting for the secret serial killer to make an appearance while I read Hell Bent because honestly, I thought Kiden would have thrown in a curve ball to mess with us, but she didn’t. As much as I have loved her other books, Hell Bent took me on an emotional journey of growing up and learning to live with the decisions, albeit sometimes horrible decisions, and to learn to cope with grief. Kiden hit all the right notes to turn me into a blubbering, hot mess that couldn’t put this book down. If it wasn’t for the two characters making me cry, the videos from Izzy’s Dad were like a gunshot to my heart. 
Izzy is the kind of character that most will be able to relate to. The death of her father changed her life forever and left her seeking out self-destructive ways to make it through life. She’s a wild child who wears her heart on her sleeve and makes horrific decisions. One drunken mistake on her eighteenth birthday comes back to bite her in the ass, but as the story progresses, you watch her grow into the woman she was always meant to be. Izzy is literally an example of how you can pick yourself up from the ashes and learn to live life again after tragedy. Sure, she’s a multi-faceted character whose decision making will frustrate you at times, but as the story goes on, you’ll learn why she is the way she is. 
Bennett really surprised me with his personality and actions. You would never think of a rock star being unhappy with fame, fortune, and the never-ending line of girls waiting for their fifteen minutes of fame, but he is. Bennett didn’t want to live the life of a rock star, but that’s the hand he dealt by his label. His band name made me snort every time I read it because who in their right mind would want to be in a band called Moist Wood. As the story progresses and Bennett’s true personality unfolds, you see how genuine and honest of a man he is. He’s done everything that has been asked of him regarding his old band, but it’s time he does something for himself. He takes what he wants, be damned of the consequences, and makes life the way he wants to live it, which does include Izzy. Most men would have run for the hills when faced with the hard work that is required to be in a relationship with her, but he stood his ground and showed her what it was truly like to love. Bennett is yet again another one of those book boyfriends that has sky rocketed into the top ten of my list. 
Hell Bent may have been a walk on the wild side for Kiden, but for me, it only cements that this author could take any story that popped into her head and turn it into something wonderful and heart wrenching. It’s been two days since I finished this book and my heart is still lingering with Izzy and Bennett. I’m honestly starting to wonder if Kiden broke me for other rocker contemporary romance novels or other books in general because I haven’t been able to look at another book since I flicked the last page of Hell Bent. 

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Katheryn was born in Maine and raised in Maine. Growing up, she was the only girl out of five children. Out of four loving, but hard-assed, brothers she has been set on fire TWICE, shot at, left her with a burning car and a five gallon container of gas, scared out of her mind every time they got behind the wheel, and has enough hilarious stories and amazing memories to fill a million books. It made her independent and every female character she writes reflects strength and independence.

Katheryn books are full of page turning suspense, humor, and enough steam to overheat your e-reader.

"There are no weak women, just weak moments."


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