Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review: Sinner by Katheryn Kiden

Publication Date:  9/19/2014
Series: Sinners and Saints #1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

There are preconceived notions about everything in life. A woman who lives on the streets and wears short skirts in public must be a sinner. A woman who attends church every week must be a saint. However, everything is not always as it seems. In fact, it rarely is. 
Police chief’s daughter, Danielle Beckett, grew up knowing two things. One: anything worth having was worth hiding from her father, and two: she wanted to be the best at what she did. Her business, Sinners & Saints Modeling Agency, does well for itself but what happens behind the scenes does better. As an exclusive high priced call girl she has everything she wants while keeping everyone in the dark. 

Life is great until her employees start being picked off one by one. Danielle starts missing days and everything falls apart. As her life unravels around her, she is forced to not only choose between her safety and her business, but between her business and the one thing she never saw herself wanting. 

How can she keep her business and herself alive, when she knows one story, but the police know another? 

**Warning: If you're looking for something to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, this is not the book for you. The worst thing you can do going into this book, is go in thinking you know how it's going to end. This book is intended ONLY for those over the age of eighteen.

Let me first start off with… Katheryn Kiden, I hate you right now.  After staying up way past my bedtime, you throw that plot twist at me. COME ON! You can’t do that crap to me!  You blew my mind and my ability to sleep for days with this series.  My husband blames you for the grumpiness, by the way. 

Sinner begins with the not so good girl, Dani and introduces her modeling agency/high dollar escort service. Dani’s women are beautiful creatures that can take a turn on the cat walk and turn very rich men’s eyes to what they can offer them.   But, the life of a top dollar escort has begun to take a dangerous turn after several of Dani’s girls turn up brutally murdered. The spotlight turns to her and the suspicions of her father and his brothers in blue run high.  Yet, there’s a secret lingering in the dark that several people have kept hidden for years.  It’s the kind of secret that when it is revealed will leave you so devastated that you’ll be so mentally messed up that you can’t stop reading.  Kiden’s penchant for the dark literary arts are captivating and I for one, cannot wait to see where this series goes.  I have a feeling that Ms. Kiden isn’t done quite yet with messing with our minds.   There are far too many hearts left beating that may just be marked for the reaper’s scythe.

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