Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review: Reign by M.N. Forgy

Publication Date: January 27, 2016

Series: Sin City Outlaws #1

Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: 
As the president of the Sin City Outlaw Motorcycle Club, I fuck as hard as I ride and rarely go to bed alone. 

The women are fast and the violence is intense. 
I excel in both.
People either respect me or fear me. I'm not arrogant. It’s just the truth.
I was a king, reigning over Vegas without complication, until one gorgeous sheriff made everything fall apart. 
When I saw her, I became a Neanderthal, wanting nothing more than to be between those legs. 
I guess that’s where I went wrong, because my reality was shot to hell real fucking fast.
One kiss caused her to step over that blue line.
One night in her bed made me a traitor.
And now… we’re both screwed.

Review: OMG THIS BOOK!! Who doesn’t love a bad boy and a forbidden affair?! MN took this one to the extreme with Zeek and Jillian. Zeek is a bad boy in every way, but damn he is sexy as sin! Jillian is such a sweet and lovable girl, pretty much everything Zeek isn’t. She knows he is bad news, but tell that to her hormones, which go crazy every single time she is near him. Their chemistry is off the charts and the sex scenes are H O T! 

I know Zeek is a bad boy, but I am totally smitten with him. I was actually pulling for him and Jillian throughout the book. If you haven’t read MN before, then you should know you are in for a treat and nothing is ever easy. Zeek is the president of Sin City Outlaws and his club is known for being notorious bad boys. Jillian is the one who is suppose to put men like him away, so why does she find herself so fascinated by Zeek. Everyone has warned Jillian away, but once Zeek has had her once will never be enough and there is no going back. This book is full of twists and turns along with so many secrets and lies. And that ENDING OMFG!!!!! I seriously can’t wait for book 2! I need it like yesterday… good job MN!

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