Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review: Broken Angels Genesis by Kirstin L. Cope

Official blurb:


"I'm guarded, emotionally cut off, and fiercely independent. I was content hiding from my 'condition' and my secrets behind a boring routine life. I have a great job I busted my ass for, a best friend that is more family than the one I was born into, and I hate complicated. I didn't do relationships, or more accurately, I couldn't. Not that it stopped my outspoken and neurotic best friend from trying to hook me up every chance she got. Which is exactly what she was doing when she, not so subtly, pushed me into 'him'. He was gorgeous and with his tortured cobalt eyes he drew me in. Alec is the definition of complicated. I tried not to want him, but he pushed until I bent. But he has secrets and an unimaginable past that rivals mine and it will try to rip us apart. For the first time in my life I found someone worth fighting for, the question is, will we survive the battle?"


"I keep my emotions hidden in my taciturn facade, using my cold personality to keep people at a distance. I'm on a mission to rid the world of the scum my father did business with and trying everyday to find redemption for the night I failed the person I love most. I didn't have time for relationships, nor did I want one. I have a dangerous past and an unpredictable future. I play by my own rules and I struggle everyday straddling the line between black and gray. You don't grow up with a father like mine and not have a few issues. The only people close to me are my little sister Karlie and my three obnoxious friends, who are like brothers. Then I saw 'her'. Mac was beautiful, with her raven black hair and those lonely emerald eyes. She's feisty and she has dark secrets of her own. I had to have her. But will the past, that has taken so much from me already, claim her too?"

4.5 Stars

Broken Angels left me broken and battered just like the characters! Cope has entered the literary with a deliciously dark novel that will leave you shaking in fear and begging for the nightmare to stop.   Each of the characters have faced a deeply seeded darkened world that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. You can’t help, but feel for this fictional cast and wish to wipe away their tears. I’ll admit that on more than one occasion I was considering how to murder the big bads of this series.  I just couldn’t find something heinous enough that would be fitting for the type of death they deserve. 
While this would be the part where I typically would break down the characters and my thoughts and feelings about them, I think it would be better served if readers experienced this book for themselves.   The subject matter of this book may be troubling for some so I recommend if you are sensitive to abusive and unconsented sex that you truly walk away now.  This book will eat you alive!

3.5 Stars

Let me just say firstly that I tried so hard to love this book. I read the blurb, and it was so good! I just knew I'd love it. But I hate that I didn't. I will start off with some of the things I liked about this book. I really thought the author had an amazing idea going in. I enjoyed the actual storyline and I liked how Mac became stronger from what she went through.

I think my main problem with this one was I just couldn't connect with the characters. Alec hides himself for something he didn't even have control over. I didn't understand why he basically put his life on hold for something he had no part of. Mac has a lot of issues, and I understood why, but she went from one extreme to another in a blink of an eye.

Maybe it's because this book is super faced paced. I felt I didn't get to really know these characters like I should've. There's not a lot of details, and the only way I can explain it is, I just got the gist of what was going on. I have a lot of questions left unanswered. Some of the things that happened I didn't see how they could've turned out that way.

Like I said before, the author has a great storyline. Everyone knows I love a dark and twisted read, and this is dark and twisted. I just wanted more from the story. I might try out another book my Kirstin later on because I see she has the talent and she does have me interested in what's to come.

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