Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review: Jekyll by Lauren Stewart

Publication Date: 1/5/2013
Series: Hyde #2
Rating:  4 Stars

Official Blurb:

“When the devil tells you to stop struggling, do you?”

From the moment Eden wakes up, she knows she’s not in Kansas anymore. She isn’t even on Mitch’s doorstep, her dark-side’s favorite place to dump her. No, she’s somewhere far worse. And far more sterile. Sometimes a girl needs to adapt, be flexible, change. And that’s exactly what Eden will do, all the way back to Mitch. No matter what she has to do to get there. Because his life depends on it.

Mitch has lost something he’d never thought he’d find to begin with. And “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” is a lie. A lie people tell themselves to make the pain go away. But the pain doesn’t go away, not in someone like Mitch. It festers. It grows. Until it can’t be held back anymore, even by the bars of a cage.

The world of the Jekylls and Hydes begins its unfurl!  I LOVED Hyde! Like beyond words loved, but I’ll admit that Jekyll wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Maybe it was the scientist in me that said “Hold up, they’re doing sick and twisted science experiments and no one is noticing” that made my love from Hyde wane a little more. But, it could also be that this book honestly dragged a little bit until the end came crashing like a high speed train off the rails. 

Mitch really seemed to change in this book and I don’t know I could say for the better. I missed his angry laced sarcasm that was quickly replaced with almost this wishy washy Mitch that seemed to have lost his testicular fortitude when Eden is kidnapped.  I mean come one, the Mitch we know would have been far less annoying and I understand that characters have to grow as the story continues. But, I feel like his character would have been better served to say an asshole with a soft spot rather than a softy with a stubborn streak.

However, contrasting with Mitch, was the rise of a Chastity/Eden hybrid. Now this is the character that saved the book for me.  Gone is the sweet and naïve Eden and in her place, is a badass woman who fights for what she believes in and still maintains her love and drive to help others.  It’s the PERFECT combination of both sides of Eden.  As she learns about herself and The Clinic, you really see her hybrid nature shine. 

Another surprise is how much I ended up loving Landon.  Gah! This man and his bromance with Mitch honestly saved my love for Mitch.  The batter between the two of them will make you laugh.  In such a dark book and setting, a little laughter is needed to help drown out the fear and tears.

While this book fell in the like category more than love, I’m not giving up on the series! Here’s to hoping that the grand finale of this series will rock my socks off. 

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