Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: Hyde by Lauren Stewart

Publication Date: 7/8/2012
Series: Hyde #1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

This novel is intended for adults only. It includes lots of cursing, descriptive sex, biting sarcasm, and dark themes. HYDE was inspired by Stevenson's novella but is not a retelling, in part because he and this author have very different definitions of 'bad boy'.

Honesty is impossible when you don't know the truth to begin with.

Mitchell Turner is everything women want most in a man--he's charismatic, successful, and undeniably gorgeous. But he's not a man--he's a monster. By venting his rage 24/7, Mitch keeps people out of the danger zone that surrounds him. But, after the most incredible night of his life, he realizes that might not be possible. Except the woman he wakes up with claims she doesn't remember any of it. And that kind of thing can make a guy insecure.

Eden Colfax is kind, loyal, honest to a fault, and cavity-inducing sweet. To rid herself of the monsters that haunted her broken childhood, Eden doesn't lie, doesn't curse, and definitely never wakes up naked in strangers' beds...until the day she does. Then the flashbacks start--places she's never been, people she's never met, blood she's never spilled. And the only person with any answers is a man she never wants to see again.

What they don't know is that someone is manipulating them, determined to find out exactly what they're capable of. And when the truth leaves them nothing to hold onto, they will be forced into a partnership neither expected. Or wanted.

But in life, who you trust is as important as who you are. And when you can't even trust yourself, sometimes the only person you can rely on is the last person on earth you should be falling for.

Holy crap.  Yup, you read that right.  I had to revert to swearing to sum up how I feel about this book.  I’ll start off by admitting that I bought this book well over a year ago and never thought about picking it up until I just couldn’t find anything that would tickle my fancy during Christmas.   3 failed attempts at books later, I clicked on Hyde and dived into this twisted and crazy world. 

Everyone knows the classic story of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.  The same man plagued by a curse that turns into this monster side and wreaks havoc on the world.  While the story by Robert Louis Stevenson laid the groundwork for this novel and the series, it only briefly touches on the plot line of this story.   There were so many dark twists and turns in this novel that the dark heart inside of me that loves gore and suspense was jumping up and down in glee.  Mitch a.k.a Hyde is a world class jerk and that screams in the writing style.  Yet, when you come to Eden you really see how great of a story teller Lauren Stewart truly is. It takes serious talent to take one character and give her to starkly different personalities.  You really feel like Eden and Chastity are two very different people who just happen to reside in the same body. The writing is seriously amazing!!!!

Hyde is epically brilliant and urban fantasy lovers will delight as the story unfolds with each chapter.  As much as a book funk that I was in. Hyde breathed new life into this reader and instantly one clicked the next two books.  I’ll go ahead and mention that yes, this does end in a cliffhanger, but oh it’s so good that you will feel the one click fever come on.  If Jekyll is anything like Hyde, I might have to call off work to finish it!!

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