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Cover Reveal: Mine by Lacy LaRoux

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By:  Lacy LaRoux
RELEASE DAY: February 15th, 2016
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Cover design: Cover Me Darling
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REVEAL - COVER - Mine.jpg

Driving through a small town on my way home from visiting my best friend should have gone smoothly. Instead, I broke down on the side of the road; just outside a place called Herman.
When help arrived, I’d expected to be greeted by a big, beefy guy who answers to the name of Ball Buster, but to my surprise, Ball Buster wasn’t the one who hopped out of that truck. It was Parker, one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. She made my dick throb instantly, and with one look from her, I knew I had to have her underneath me. 
There may be a huge obstacle in my way, but I’m determined to claim this pure woman, and nothing will stop me from making her mine in every way. 
Warning: If you like insta-love and completely outrageous, unbelievably dirty stories this book is for you. Be prepared for your Kindle to catch fire and for your hormones to rage.

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Lacy LaRoux is a wife, mother and holds down a full time job. She resides in Overland Park, Kansas which is just a ten minute drive from Kansas City, Missouri.  When she isn’t busy with her kids or work she can be found writing smut.   
She writes fast, filthy and completely outrageous stories. If you something with heat and over the top alpha heroes then look no further.

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Review: Worth the Wait by K.M. Neuhold

Publication Date: August 6, 2015

Series: Sexy Nerd Boys 1

Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: 

I have issues. Like, serious, major issues. And, the last thing I want or need is a man in my life to make things more complicated. Unfortunately for me my roommates drop dead gorgeous brother seems hell bent on seducing me. And, what’s worse is that he’s kind of the perfect guy. Resisting him just might kill me. 



I don’t do relationships. I prefer to keep things casual, and I’m always up front with women so that no one ever gets hurt. But, my sister’s new roommate…yeah I might have a small obsession. Or, maybe I should say a TARDIS obsession because there’s a 100% chance that it’s bigger on the inside. What the hell is a guy supposed to do though when he meets a woman who is not only beautiful but also feisty, fun, and way into nerd culture? I may be doomed. 

**This is a New Adult romance novel containing some themes of domestic abuse, non-consensual sex, and explicit sex scenes. Recommended for 17+

Review: I was excited to read this book right from the get go. Sexy Nerd Boys…. I’m sold! Abby hasn’t had the greatest luck in life. She has a past she isn’t proud of. She mostly keeps to herself especially when it comes to guys. But when Abby moves in with Lee, she has no idea how much Ethan is about to push his way into her life.

Ethan is a playboy. He doesn’t do relationships and isn’t looking to settle down anytime soon. But after meeting Red aka Abby he knows there is something different about her. They form a strong friendship but lines start to blur and Ethan wants more from Red, but she isn’t ready to give him what he wants.

This story does deal with a few issues people might have problems reading. I hated what Abby had to go through but it made her so much stronger than what she realized. Abby has a spitfire personality and I loved her from the get go. Ethan knows Abby needs time but he just doesn’t know how much time she needs. I loved watching the changes in both Ethan and Abby. They were such a strong beautiful nerdy couple. I also feel in love with Lee and I would love to see a book or novella about her one day. I can’t wait to dive into book 2 and find out what sexy nerdy boy awaits next!

Review: Dirty by A.C. Bextor

Publication Date: 7/2015
Series: Vengeance Duet #1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:


A seemingly innocuous five letter word until you pull back the layers of its meaning.

Imprisoned in a small room within the walls of the Satan's Creed Motorcycle Club compound, Casey Richards struggles to survive the only life she was raised to know. Her mother, a club whore, and her father, an unknown outlaw she’s never met, Casey’s fate is all but sealed in the eyes of the club. 

Foul. Unclean. Undesirable.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, and with no children of her own, Emma Carsen is the only living soul willing to fight for her niece, Casey. She’s all but given up on saving her until the one man she’s longed to see again unexpectedly finds his way back to town and into her life.

Sordid. Vile. Unscrupulous.

Max Taylor, former-biker of a disbanded MC, has been holding onto reasons to avoid coming back to the small town he grew up in. The same ghosts that drove him away eventually force Max to find his way back. Now that he's home, he may be Casey’s only chance for freedom.

Filthy. Hateful. Impure.

In order to get to Casey, Max must find a way to infiltrate the MC. Setting up a meet with Hoss, Satan's Creed’s President who’s known for his depravity as much as his double-crossing ways, it’s made clear that forming an alliance is going to be more of a challenge than he expected. Now he must prove his loyalty to the club and in doing so, he’s forced to get his hands…


AC Bextor has done it again! After binge reading her other MC series the night before a huge signing, I knew as soon as this one popped up I had to read it.  While it took a little longer to get to than I would have hoped, it didn’t diminish the urgency I had to ready this novel.  

I want to start off by saying this isn’t exactly your typical MC story, which is a VERY good thing.  Dirty revolves around a little girl who’s been caught up in the MC life from the day she was born to her junkie mother.  She’s trapped behind gilded cage walls and her life is about to plummet to a far dark path if she isn’t rescued. Her Aunt Emma has feverishly tried to save her and adopt the child, but she is suddenly cut off from her visitations.  She becomes desperate for any information about Casey and when an unlikely ally and former crush returns to town, she pleads with Max to help save Casey. Em and Max are bound together in this dangerous plot and their ties will be tested.  Some say that all is far in love and war, but when they collide head to head, the explosion is earth shattering.

I know by now I might have your attention, but I want to warn readers that this book is emotionally devastating and will churn your stomach at times with a few characters and their devious thoughts and actions.  While this story is in fact a romance, and yes, the romance is hot and steamy between Max and Em,  the main focus is on Casey’s life.  The horrors this child has seen will keep most adults from sleeping. There were so many times as I read this book that my eyes burned from crying for Casey.  Her childlike views of the world devastated me knowing what was likely to become her fate.   So again, if you cannot handle that dark parts of a gritty MC than this will serve as your warning.

As I mentioned, Dirty is a hardcore dark MC read that will leave you breathless and dying for more with each page.  While this is a two part book, the wait will definitely be worth it.  I need to know what happens like NOW!

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Star Dust Cover Reveal


A case of mistaken identity triggers a reign of terror.

A Star Princess of Soleis, bound by tradition, is forced to fulfill an arrangement made prior to her birth. During the masque for her coronation, Oriana meets a handsome stranger, but soon finds out he is not who she thought.
Prince Lucian, unfamiliar with the treaties of the Universe, must restore the reputation of his world and prove his kingdom is not behind the attacks.

No one knew an innocent mistake could lead to the destruction of the solar system. Worlds are conquered, lives torn apart, and destruction reigns, while Oriana, unknowingly, holds the key to salvation.

Now, a Princess who needs saving must save herself, the man she loves, as well as the rest of the Universe, before it is destroyed beyond repair.


Ali grew up in the Pacific North West. She attended Oregon State University for photography. After many adventures she moved to Colorado and earning second degree, she found, met, and married her husband.

Ali currently lives in windy Wyoming with her husband and two dogs, Nika and Tedward. When not writing Ali is either photographing, knitting, reading, dancing or staying inside where it’s warm with a hot cup of coffee. She also  dreams of traveling the world someday soon.


Facebook: www.facebook/authoraliwinters
Twitter: @aliwinters_
Instagram: authoraliwinters

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OUTTAKE!!! Pucked Over by Helena Hunting.... Check it out!!

Usually travel days bag me, but it doesn’t matter that I’ve been on the road most of the day, or that I smell like the inside of an airplane. Lily’s in Chicago. For multiple days. And this time I’m going to have more than twenty four consecutive hours in which to get her naked.
I don’t think I’ve ever been this fucking exciting to fuck, like ever. Plus sleepovers. And pussy prison.
“Dude, I feel like I’m on the freaking Spinovator, relax,” Lance knocks his knee against mine.
I didn’t even realize I was bouncing my leg. I tap my fingers on my knee instead, but it’s not working. I’m keyed right up.
In ten minutes we’ll be at Waters’ house. I figure we only have to stay for max half an hour, then I’ll make up some excuse and take her back to my place. And then it’s a fuck free-for-all. I even bought her new panties and some fun “sleep wear” which is really just expensive scraps of lace that aren’t going to stay on very long.
I pull out my phone and send a message to Lily:

It’s another ten minutes before they’ll be here, so I run upstairs to one of the spare bathrooms and hunt down some mouthwash and deodorant so I don’t smell like crap. When I come back down, Alex is yelling for a hand with the bags.
Which means Lily’s here.
I take the stairs two at a time.
And there she is. Wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt, face flushed, hair flipping out at the ends. I barely let her in the door before I pick her up and crush her against me. I know, without a doubt that I’m way more invested than I should be in this girl, but I can’t seem to give a fuck right now.
I’m already hard. Already thinking about how long we have to stay before I can get her out of here and take her back to my place. And maybe not give her back.
She shrieks and giggles as I bury my face against her neck and breathe her in. She smells like she’s been drinking, and her skin is warm and sweet, like it always is. I part my lips against her neck and suck, then bite my way along her neck to her ear. “I can’t wait to go to pussy prison.”
I don’t think she even realizes that she moans, or that it’s loud. I look up to find all my friends staring at me. Lance looks like he’s trying not to shit his pants, Miller and Alex both kind of look like they want to kill me right now and Darren looks amused. But all I want is a few minutes alone with her.
I spin around and survey the hall, there are three doors. At least one of them has to be a bathroom. I head for the closest one. As long as it has a lock on it, we’re good to go.
“No way, Balls!” Miller shouts. “You and Lily aren’t allowed in bathrooms together!”
I laugh and sidestep through a door. It’s not a bathroom, it’s the laundry room. Even better, there are solid surfaces.
I try to shut the door, but Miller’s leaning against it. He’s a big guy, with a good thirty pounds on me, and that’s when he’s not bulking up. But I have something I want, and she’s standing right in front of me with those luscious lips parted, looking like she wants to be devoured as much as I want to devour her.
I lean into the door, pushing hard. I still have one arm wrapped around Lily’s waist, so I set her down, giving myself the advantage.
“I need a little something right here.” I tap my lips.
Lily glances at the mostly closed door, at Miller’s shoulder pressed against it and she smiles, coy and sweet. She steps in close and runs her fingers through my hair. Her nails scratch my scalp and skim behind my ear. I feel like I’m an addict. Her touch is the drug I crave and right now I’m about to get my first hit.
She rises up on her toes and brushes her mouth over mine, tongue peeking out to touch my lip.
“Seriously, Balls, can’t you wait, like, five minutes?” Miller grunts.
“I’m just saying hello, and I’m looking for a little privacy to do that.” I shove the door with my shoulder and turn the lock, ignoring Miller’s shouts. “And now we have some.”
Lily winds her arms around my neck as I lift her up and set her on the closest surface, which just happens to be a dryer. The height couldn’t be better. Lily parts her legs for me and scoots forward, wrapping her legs around my waist. And then we start grinding on each other.
I can’t get enough of tasting her, so I kiss a path up her neck, ready for her mouth.
“You’re terrible,” she whispers, then gasps when I grab her ass and pull her tighter against me.
“I know. We don’t have to stay here long—like fifteen minutes, and then we can go back to my place where we can play until you have to go back to Canadia.”
Someone knocks on the door, it’s probably Miller, but I’m right where I want to be, so I’m not inclined to stop what I’m doing. In fact, I’m wondering how hard it would be to get her naked right now, except the knocking is a little damn distracting. I try and slide a hand down the back of her jeans, but they’re too tight.
“Why’re you wearing pants? They’re so inconvenient.”
Lily laughs, it’s breathy and soft, but she wraps her legs tighter around me and I keep on grinding. The laugh turns into a moan, and she breaks out into goosebumps.
I’m pretty much dry fucking her. And that’s when I realize, this is just like that time in the bathroom at the exhibition game. All the signs are there; the way she’s gripping my hair, the little moans that get louder with every shift of her hips, the soft whimper that turns into my name.
I slip a hand under her shirt, skimming soft, hot skin until I reach the underside of her bra. It feels like satin. Pushing the cup up, I find her nipple and brush my thumb over it, feeling the skin tighten in response.
“I seriously need you naked. It’s not even funny,” I groan against her mouth.
Clearly she feels the same way, because she starts rubbing on me harder, faster and her grip on my hair tightens even more.
I break the kiss, biting back a smile at her despondent whimper. “You’re gonna come aren’t you?”
She nods furiously. “Uh-huh.”
“I should be inside you for that.”
She groans again, gripping the back of my neck like she’s trying to get my mouth back.
But I want to see her come. I want to see what happens when I barely touch her, because I know later, that when there aren’t any clothes in the way, I get to put my mouth on her, and be inside her, and watch all those orgasms happen. Just for me.
I pinch her nipple hard and pull her in tight. I feel her toes curling against the back of my legs. Her entire body goes still for a fraction of a second, and then she shakes hard, like she’s trying to control it. But she can’t, just like I can’t control this thing happening with her. And if I don’t get to be in control, then neither does she.
Lily bites her lip, as if she’s holding in the sound that comes with the sensations, but she doesn’t have control of that either. It’s a high-pitched moan that includes my name. Her eyes are wide, her lips parted, breath coming out in sharp gasps. And the way she’s looking at me, it’s the reason I want to keep her with me the entire time she’s here.
She’s not even done coming, not even close, when the door bursts open. Her muscles are tight, and her panic is clear. “Ride it out,” I whisper.
I don’t take my eyes off her though, because watching her come is my favorite thing. Apart from just being in her physical presence.
“Oh, wow.” That’s Sunny.
“Is she—” Charlene starts.
“Oh, definitely,” Violet interjects. “Check out her toes.”
Lily looks embarrassed as fuck, but I can’t stop smiling. I’ll deal with the epic case of blue balls I’m gonna be rocking to see her lose control like that.

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Review: Penalty Clause by Fiona Davenport

Publication Date: January 18, 2016

Series: Risque Contracts Book 1

Rating: 4 Stars 

Official Blurb: 
Caleb Sterling has found the woman for him. He'll do whatever it takes to make her his... even if it means forcing her to spend time with him. He didn’t become a billionaire without learning how to leverage a contract to his advantage. Now that he’s gotten her to sign on the dotted line, he almost has Madeleine Connelly right where he wants her—in his bed and pregnant with his baby.

Madeleine seriously underestimated Caleb’s desire for her. She thought the notorious playboy would move onto his next conquest after he’d gotten what he wanted from her. When she accepted a business deal with his company, she didn’t realize it meant spending so much time with him. Now she has to decide if she wants to trigger the penalty clause in their contract so she can get away from him or succumb to the temptation that is Caleb Sterling.

**This is the first novella in the Risque Contracts series, but each story can be read as a standalone and features a different couple.

Review: If you are looking for a fast, hot, sexy, and kind of an insta love type book this is the one for you. Caleb is bossy, dominant, kind of arrogant, and whole lot of sexy. He wants Madeleine from the first moment he sees her. It takes him a bit but he finally puts a plan in motion and Madeleine has no idea what’s in store for her.

Madeleine knows that Caleb is a playboy and she thinks he is only playing a game until he gets what he wants. Never did she imagine Caleb wanted it all with her. At first, Madeleine is all in until she realizes just how serious Caleb is about her. She has a metal breakdown for a bit, but then soon realizes maybe Caleb can be her future. This was my first book by Fiona and I can’t wait for the next!