Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Through A Glass, Darkly Assassins of Youth MC Book 1


Publication Date: December 21st, 2015

Series: Assassins Of Youth MC

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Official Blurb:
MAHALIA: I didn't want to be born. Something went wrong along the way, and I’ve been unsure about my purpose on this earth ever since. If I was hit by a car, if I fell off a cliff, would anyone care? Living in Cornucopia with my sister wives under the watchful eye of our husband, Allred Lee Chiles, has turned me into a robot, unable to feel or think for myself. I’ve been looking through a cloudy glass, not trusting myself or others.

But a man came down from the mountains. I’m captivated by Gideon Fortunati, his name expressing all that he is—keeper of my fate, master of reality, teacher of my future. Gideon’s purifying power has enlightened me about my capabilities. I don’t have to let The Prophet take my daughter and marry her off to that old man. I was guilty of dirt and sin, but I can take my life back now.

GIDEON: I was exiled to this godforsaken wasteland in Utah by our MC Prez. My entire existence has been a struggle, a futile tirade against my maker. I ranted against my fate, and in answer I was sent Mahalia. A naive victim of that twisted false Mormon sect leader. He’s tried to mangle her like a spineless puppet, like he has all the other women—the other girls. 

Before I met her, I was a child. Now I’ve given up childish ways, and I can see everything in a mirror, face to face. Faith, hope, and love were all handed to me, and the greatest of these is love. I’ve come too far. There’s no surrender now.
It didn't look that far on the map.


An MC book with polygamy, Mormons, and illicit trysts, what’s not to like?
A friend pointed this book out to me, and I thought why the heck not? I love MC, and I love weird polygamist stories as well. The author really did spin a story that you won’t find anywhere else. After reading the blurb I knew that this was going to be a different read. Mahalia to me is strong, she is the female POV, and she was quite literally dragged to Cornucopia kicking and screaming after her husband mysteriously died at his job. Cornucopia is a compound in Avalanche, Utah under the control of Prophet Allred Lee Chiles, who also happens to be Mahalia’s husband. She is his 40th wife, yes you read that correctly. 4-0! I feel badly for her, although it seems she suffers from Stockholm syndrome and feels that it’s better to stay there and live under duress, abuse, and rape versus outside as a single mother having to worry about the hardships of life. Until she meets Gideon.

Oh Gideon, even his name is sex on a stick and boy is he sexy. Gideon is basically sent out to Avalanche as a punishment for getting busy with his Prez’s ole lady! He is to sell arms to Allred, but in the meantime he sees Mahalia and its all downhill from there. Gideon has had a rough life, and he has a hero complex with wanting to save Mahalia as well as a local boy from town who was dumped off by Allred. Mahalia has a 15 year old daughter, Vonda who is about to be sealed (married) to Orson, who could basically be her grandfather. She seeks help from Gideon as well as a FED who sorely disappoints. She will not let her daughter fall to the horrors she has had to endure in Cornucopia. Allred is the character I most loathed, and I couldn’t wait to see him get his comeuppance! Gideon and Mahalia have to fight to be able to escape his clutches, and get away from this secular group that is full of physical abuse and abuse of power.

I liked this story once I got use of the author’s writing style, its different and I like her play on words and the fact that she is not scared to use certain terms. Several I haven’t read in quite some time, for which she deserves credit. To me though, the two lovebirds seem to move really fast, and it seems they are “in love” rather quickly without even knowing much about each other. I had hard time with this at first, but getting further into the story, it unfolded nicely. They seem to fit and I like the way Mahalia grew and didn’t seem so timid and subservient while she was with Gideon. I was worried how it would turn out being an MC and also a poly/Mormon but it was well thought out and written. Definitely a unique storyline that you won’t find a lot of placed and soon forget.

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