Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Raber Wolf Pack: Book Two by Ryan Michele

Publication Date:  7/27/2015
Series: Raber Wolf Pack #2       
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

"There will come a time in our world when greed, power, and wealth will overrule good judgment, and packs will be destroyed." 

In the blink of an eye, everything can change, altering life as we know it forever.
Kenly’s intuition told her not to go, but she didn’t listen.

Being human, Kenly never had contact with the wolves that lived in Lakeside. One night changes that in a horrific way, opening her eyes to all of the secrets hidden from her over the years.

One night opens doors she never realized existed, transforming her entire world.
As Beta of the Raber Wolf Pack, Max is always in control, until one mission leads him to a bleeding woman in an alley.

Max instantly scents Kenly as his mate, creating tension within the pack and unleashing consequences that he doesn’t how to contain.

Will Max be able to pull her through the upcoming events? If Kenly survives, will she return to her human life and leave Max behind?

Book Two of the Raber Wolf Pack kicks the story up a notch higher.  Kenly is a human who is being viciously attacked and bitten by wolves when Max, the Raber Beta, feels her cries for help and the pull of her scent as his mate.  The attack leaves her on the brink of the dangerous shift for a human to wolf and not only does it affect her state of mine, but that of her mate Max.  Things move quickly in this series and you don’t get a whole lot of time to process it before oh holy crap the enemy is beating down the gates.  Will Kenly survive the change or will she end up like so many humans before her?

I have to start off by saying that these books move at a very quick pace.  Readers need to understand the mate for life concept pretty easily before jumping into this series because haters of instant love connections will be a hating.  Personally, that one of the reasons I love this series by Ryan Michele.  You don’t have to sit through chapters upon chapters of relationship angst before getting what you want. The drama in these books comes from an entirely different source, their enemies and one female wolf who you just want to reach through the pages and strangle.  Seriously, chica, go find another wolf and a new hobby. The twists and turns along with the smexy parts of the story will drive you to keep turning page after page.  I can’t wait for the final book in this series. 

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