Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Raber Wolf Pack: Book One by Ryan Michele

Publication Date: 6/29/2015
Series: Raber Wolf Pack #1
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

"There will come a time in our world when greed, power and wealth will overrule good judgement, and packs will be destroyed." 

In the blink of an eye, everything can change, altering life as we know it forever. 

Zara was happy and carefree, until receiving her gift from the heavens. Her world tilts completely on its axis when she faces torture at the hands of a person meant to love her. Forced into a life of servitude, she's left only a shell of her former self.

Lifemates are a gift all their own. A powerful link that can’t be broken. 

Zara crosses paths with Xavier, Alpha of the Raber Pack, and the one time playboy finds himself drawn to the broken woman. As their connection flares to life, he grows determined to unleash the spitfire she hides within. 

Little does Xavier know that in finding Zara, he's ignited a flame that could destroy everyone’s lives...

As a lover of all things paranormal and furry, I knew when one of my favorite authors switched gears and wrote a shifter book that I had to read it.  Michele is well known for her MC Romance series and badass human alphas that to shake things up a bit and write a paranormal series honestly made a lot of sense.  My love for Ryan’s novels only grew with this book.

The leading female character, Zara, has been brought up in her father’s gilded cage and forced into a mating arrangement that’s not good for anyone. So many things have gone wrong in her life that you feel so miserable for her as a character.  Her internal batter and rebel really made me laugh at times throughout the first section of the book.  But, just when you think she’ll never get a chance at being normal, her father sends her to use her gifts to help him proceed with his nefarious plan. 

Xavier, the male lead, is a sinful bad boy alpha that has a bed post filled with so many notches that he probably would need an industrial sized container of bleach or a good fire to rid his bed all of the woman who laid upon it.  Just from that part alone, you can probably assume, he’s a man whore alpha wolf.  He doesn’t have a mate, so why not? Well, that frame of mind gets his rocks off, but when Zara barrels into his den, he’s completely shaken from his way of life.  She’s his, but she doesn’t smell like his to the others of the pack and her father is out for blood and for her.  There’s so many red flags about this she-wolf who has his wolf howling that he should just walk away, but fate won’t let her go so easily.

Michele has delivered an unique shifter romance that will leave you satisfied and craving more.   She took a chance on switching genres and this is a hit for her. I can’t wait to read the next book!

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