Review: Reclaim Me by Alex Grayson

Publication Date: 5/18/2015
Series: The Jaded Series #2
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Enduring the ultimate betrayal on her eighteenth birthday by the one person she loves most in the world, Mia Walker is no longer the innocent, sweet, young woman she used to be. She is now cold and hard, letting no one get close to her heart, except family.

Mackai (Mac) Weston sees the changes in Mia on a daily basis. He knows he is the reason Mia is now the way she is. Never given the chance to explain what really happened that night so long ago, Mac is determined to make Mia finally listen and reclaim what was always his.

When the truth finally comes out, danger shows its ugly face. There are people in Jaded Hollow that do not want Mac and Mia together. They are willing to do what ever it takes to keep them apart. 

Will Mac be strong enough to overcome temptation, even when the odds are against him? Will Mia forgive Mac when she realizes things weren’t what they seemed ten years ago?

Alex Grayson,  you have emotionally drained me with this fan-freaking-tastic novel. I am so sorry it took me so long to read it!!  Reclaim Me is both bittersweet and heartbreaking for me. You could instantly tell in Shatter Me that Mia and Mac had some history together, but *Whew* that wasn’t what I was expecting at all.   I had so many emotions going through my mind while I read this book.  I decided to stray a little bit from my normal review styles and break it down in a new way ;)


Do you honestly know how many times I wanted to reach right into my kindle and strangle Mac? You had ten years to tell her and now you finally think she’s ready.  I mean come on man, so much stuff could have happened in the last 10 years and she could have died without knowing the truth.  I understand why he waited, but as soon as he saw her again, he should have held her down and confessed everything.  Mia is also on my shit list with some of the things she pulled, but Mac tops the angry charts.


      Mac’s secret pops up yet again here.  The origins of Mac and Mia’s epic falling out nearly made me throw up. The sheer audacity of the issues and how it comes back to fruition later on had my stomach churning.  There’s so much evil in their lives and even a shred of happiness and forgiveness can’t be tainted by it.


This story isn’t the rainbows and unicorns kind of romance.  Grayson writes from dark settings and shatter lives, which I absolutely love.  She has taken some damaged such as a character and turned them into a beautiful butterfly. She  gives her readers the sense that even when bad things happen that you can truly look to the future for a brighter path.

And Finally...

Just pure blissful joy. Well duh, this one has to be in here.  I won’t divulge too much, but when things go right, they are spectacularly beautiful.   Grayson has this knack for taking broken lives, dusting them off, and helping them learn to shine again. Reclaim Me is the perfect twisted tale of first love sadness, broken lives, and beautiful new beginnings.  I can’t wait to read who’s next!


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