Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review: Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Young Love. Schoolgirl Crush. Complete Adoration. 

All of these words describe the way I’ve felt about Bryce Randolph since the day he walked through my door. I was twelve and he was my brother’s best friend, but he never treated me as the pesky little sister. As the years went on, my feelings grew stronger. The day I turned eighteen was supposed to be the best day of my life, instead it became the worst. 

Heartbreak, Devastation, Anguish.

With the right amount of time and distance, the ache lessens. My new life has no room for the endless tears I cried for months. Emotionally, Bryce betrayed me and caused a deep heartache I never thought I’d overcome. Now, I’m stronger, more focused, and extremely guarded. Moving on helped me find clarity and build a new path for my future. 

Just as things seem to fall into place, Bryce finds me. He’s a man on a mission and I’m the mission. His determination and persistence becomes hard to ignore. 
Is it possible we may just have the future I always dreamed about? 

Due to graphic language and sexual situations, this novella is recommended to readers 18+ 

Ahren Sanders cemented her position in my top 10 favorite authors with Smokescreen. Finding Our Way just moves her up farther on the list.   Sanders has this knack for writing believable real life stories. Her characters are always well developed and with each book you are left wanting more. 

Finding Our Way tells the how of a young girl’s crush on her brothers best friend isn’t always a pipedream.  Bryce and Devon have always felt a special bond and as they grew older and up together, the bond only blossomed into something more.  Their young love romance is one for the ages, but even the sweetest love can find a bitter taste in life.

Fate as a cruel way of mudding the waters and in Devon’s chance, Bryce’s hormones and stupidity shattered her dreams and her heart in one foul swoop. This short novella will leave you broken beyond repair and crying alongside of Devon. Her heartbreak is epic enough that I had to stop and walk away from reading to let my emotions settle down. 

But when I dived back into the story, I found that situations may not always be as they seem and even those broken hearted souls try to mend that sometimes in the end, they just need each other to heal.  While this story does have a bit of a HEA, it’s not finished by a long shot. The twist of fate at the end of the story will lead into what I can only expect a full length novel to finish off their tale.  I honestly can’t wait to see what life has in store for these two wonderful characters.   

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