Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Anywhere With You by Britney King

Publication Date: November 11, 2015

Series: Book 2
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: They say opposites attract. For Jack and Amelie, that statement is about as close to the truth as it gets. 

She runs from anything that so much smells like love. And, well, as for Jack, he's always been a fan of the chase. Especially where she's concerned.

Which is exactly what happens when he proposes... to accompany her on a cross-country road trip.

A bet is made. True to form, Jack puts everything on the table—while Amelie keeps her cards tucked close to her heart.

The question remaining when it all shakes out—is whether it's possible they can both win?

Will a road trip across the country finally teach them to meet in the middle? Or simply drive them further apart?

This is the continuation of a love story that (like many) was never really over.

Review: “But you can’t stop a hurricane. You can only ride it out and then try to make sense of it all, once things calm again. And they will be beautiful again as soon as the storm has passed. They’ll likely be even better. Stronger. You’ll be more prepared the next go ‘round. And make no mistake there’ll be another. There always is.”

I had to start my review with this quote because Jack and Amelie are a hurricane that rip each other apart over and over. I honestly couldn’t wait for the continuation of Jack and Amelie’s story. I always believed in my heart these two were meant for each other and deserved an HEA. But just because that’s what I wanted doesn’t mean these two made it easy at all!

Jack and Amelie have always had a special bond. Jack has always been head over heals in love with Amelie. He has literally put his life on hold for her over and over and over. Jack has truly never moved on from his best friend and the love of his life. A lot of people might not believe in fate but I know in my heart these two were put into each other’s lives for a reason.

Amelie has a few issues but I still love her. Now there were a few times she pissed me off quite a bit and I wanted to smack her and tell her to wake up. Amelie has always been on the run. When things get to serious she bolts. Even though Amelie doesn’t see it her fate was sealed the day she met Jack. She has spent her whole life running from him but how much more can she possibly take before she pushes Jack away forever?

Britney’s writing is absolutely beautiful. She has a way of ripping you heart out to a point you feel like you will never recover but then … BAM she brings you right back up to your highest. This book is very emotional! At one point, I literally held my breath and crossed my fingers chanting please please please over and over. It wasn’t an easy love story but it was theirs and worth every single second to get there. Be ready because it’s not an easy ride it’s full of twists and turns and a lot of heartbreaking moments. But sometimes you have to push through the bad to make it to the good. Amazing job Ms. Britney!!

I honestly don’t know where to start with Anywhere With You. This book is beautifully written, and my emotions were all over the place. I found myself angry at times with not only Jack, but with Amelie too. Both made me laugh, cry, and I really wanted to scream at them. It takes a lot for a book to bring me to tears, and I don’t even know why this one did. Maybe it’s was from reading a certain letter or email and I just broke down. I couldn’t imagine being in their shoes and facing what all they have. I can’t see how two people that love each other so much, and always seem to find their way back to each other, continued to run from each other, or it wasn’t the right time. 
Britney really had me worried throughout this entire read. I could feel my heart racing and I just kept thinking…no it cannot go this way! All I can say is, you have to read this book. You have to experience the long and bumpy journey with Jack and Amelie. They both will frustrate you to no end, but I swear it’s totally worth it. I know this book has touched me, and Britney did an outstanding job pulling me into Anywhere With You. I couldn’t stop once I started and I had to finish just to see how it ended. Through the tears and the frustrating parts, this is by far the best book Britney has written. I am so looking forward to what will come next and I highly recommend reading this book along with any other books by Britney. 

I couldn’t wait to start this book! This is basically a continuation to the previous book Somewhere With You. I love Amelie and Jack! Their story made me think that their happily ever after was never to happen. This book put it all in prospective for me, and I loved it. We meet these two again and it has been a couple years, but for both an eternity wouldn’t matter. 
Again Amelie and Jack both make mad, sad, happy, angry and nostalgic. Britney has such a way with words that she makes you feel everything. For a while I thought that she was going to leave me hanging again, but she didn’t and I love how this story wrapped up. I honestly didn’t know from one moment to the next if they were going to get their happy ever after, or if they were going to continue on the same old path. Lucky for me things worked out quite nicely, but if you want to know what happened, pick up your copy soon!! Make sure you get Somewhere With You first! 

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