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Blog Tour: Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes
Author Betty Page
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Risking it all for the chance to find Mr. Right and have the same happily ever after girls dream of was just the beginning for Vanessa. She's been exquisite in her position at one of the country's top financial firms. Being driven and focused in her career at such an early stage in her life has left her yearning to spend sleepless nights in the arms of her Alpha male. Little does she know, he who sets his eyes on her is not the person she seeks. Will she find true romance, passion and long lasting love? This remains to be seen through his eyes only.

“Vanessa, I would like you to come home with me. If you like? I understand if after tonight you don't feel comfortable with me.” Jacob cast his blue gray eyes deep into mine rubbing his hands up and down my arm.
What was he thinking? This tiss fight with his brother had nothing to do with me, plus, we always ended up at my apartment. I was screaming inside with excitement at his invitation but thought how this would change things between us?
“I would like to see your home.” My cheeks blushed and I stared out the window trying to hide the heat rising on my face.
Thirty minutes later we arrived at his home. The iron gates opened with a code Tony punched in and we drove along a lighted driveway that rounded in front of the house. It was a modern styled two story house with cherry wood carved doors. The doors opened with a code too. We entered onto a marble floored foyer with a spiral staircase cascading down the center. To the left was a dining room with a round oak table dimly lit by an overhead glass chandelier. The opposite side led into a sitting room also lit with a chandelier. Leather sofas took up most of the room and an animal print rug was rolled out in the center. A small coffee table was on either side of the sofa with a pink framed picture of Tori in her ballerina outfit. On the other table was a vase filled with flowers.
Tony made his way through a narrow hallway stopping in front of Jacob pulling off his coat. I couldn’t make out the words they exchanged. Tony excused himself and disappeared through the hallway once again.
“Would you like a drink?” He pulled open a cabinet door revealing a small cooler stocked with juice pouches, water, and energy drinks.
“Water will be fine, please.” I walked around the room admiring his trophies on a shelf. He cleared his throat not wanting to linger too long in front of his many accomplishments and handed me a water.
“Come. I’ll give you a tour. The best room in the house is upstairs.” He took my hand and led me up the stairs.
We peaked into his office which looked like an ordinary office with a desk, piles of papers and a laptop. He had two extra bedrooms and each had a full size bathroom. The last room was his master suite. He had a king size cherry oak sleigh bed with matching nightstands. His bedding was a silver and black coordinating set with matching king sized pillows. There was a walk in closet and a full size bathroom as well. French doors opened up to a balcony with a chaise and mosaic table. I stepped onto the balcony and had a perfect view of the pool and hot tub. There was a small shed off to the side and a wide garden area. In the summer I’m positive it would look breathtaking.
“This is the best room. I have a full view of the pool and garden. I know it doesn’t look like much but in the spring it all starts to come together. Would you like something to change into?” He pulled open one of his chest drawers.
“That would be great, my heels are killing me and this dress is suddenly too tight.” Jacob disappeared into his closet and came back handing me a black V-neck T-shirt. He helped unzip my dress and brought me fresh towels.
“The bathroom’s through there in case you need to freshen up and I pulled out a new toothbrush for you. I will be right back. I’m going to make sure everything’s locked up and will join you shortly.”
He left the room and I made use of the bathroom changing into the T-shirt. I sat with my legs pulled underneath me on the end of his bed. I realized I was too tired and closed my eyes briefly lying on my side relishing the plush mattress.
I woke up under the covers entangled with Jacob. I didn’t remember crawling under the sheets or much else after I closed my eyes. I tried not to stir him, slowly rising up to use the bathroom. Jacob was propped on his elbow when I came out of the bathroom. He smiled a boyish smile with his lust filled eyes.
“You were asleep when I came back and didn’t want to wake you so I slipped you into bed. How did you sleep?” He stretched tucking his arms behind his head.

Betty was born and raised in Texas where she still lives with her high school sweetheart. She spends her time, when not writing, with her three daughters and her furry fellows. Betty has been a long loving avid reader and released her first novel in 2015. She loves the outdoors and shopping, every girl's dream right? Her one guilty pleasure is chocolate and can never have enough. You may always catch up with her on several social media sites as well as her team of Scarlet ladies who help share and explore Betty's writing journey.
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