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Review: Can't Get Enough by Molly McLain

Review: Can’t Get Enough by Molly McLain
Publication Date: November 14, 2014

Series: River Bend book 2

Rating: 4 Stars 

Official Blurb: When life gives you lemons, find a former Marine with sexy abs to lick the lemonade from…

Tony Dunn's panty-snatching bachelor life has been turned upside down—he now has custody of a daughter he didn't even know he fathered. With his focus solely on doing right by his little girl, the last thing he needs is a sexy, totally distracting blonde showing up on his doorstep. 

Nicole Hodges is in River Bend temporarily, to handle her grandmother's estate and get the heck out of Dodge before her past catches up with her. Only problem is…she likes the quiet little town more than she expects, and she can't resist overextending herself to help her built-like-a-bad-boy neighbor get his life back on track. 

Tony and Nicole have different goals in mind, none of which include a relationship. But what harm could come from a little fun--the naked kind--if they both know the rules up front?

Warning: This book contains a sex-deprived single dad with a wicked tongue. Enough said.

 This was my first book by Molly and it was really good. I loved Tony and Nicole. Both were dealing with life in their own way and neither one wanted to get attached to the other. But it’s hard when the chemistry between these two starts right from the first time they meet. This book is told through both Tony and Nicole’s POVs so we get a back-story, feelings, and emotions of both.

Nicole is only in River Bend to clean out her grandmother’s things and then she is moving away and starting her life all over again. Nicole is running from her past and she doesn’t want to get caught up in this little town that will only stop her from continuing her dream. But when she meets sexy as sin Tony Dunn and his adorable little daughter, her world is flipped in a completely different direction. Nicole still has plans to leave but what’s a little fun while she is there. But when she leave can her heart take it?

Tony is a single father trying to hold her head up high. He loves his daughter very much and would do anything for her. But his partying days are over. Now it’s cooking, cleaning, working full time, and taking care of his sweet baby. Tony is looking for someone to help him out with his daughter and that’s where Nicole steps in. Tony knows right away that getting involved with Nicole is a bad idea because he needs her. But why not have a little fun while he can… what could go wrong?

This book sucked me in from the first page. I loved watching the changes in not only Nicole but Tony as well. These two haven’t been dealt the best hand at life but they are both doing everything they can to change that. They both want different things but they also want each other. The attraction between these two is beautiful. There were also times I wanted to scream and cry for both of them. I really hope to see more from these two in the future!

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