Saturday, October 24, 2015

Boost Release: Infatuation by River Savage

"I want to do dirty things to you, Kenz. Things only dirty girls enjoy. I want to push every one of your limits so no man will ever be able to make you come like I do."
Beau is waiting...are you ready?
Beau & Mackenzie's story is now live in INFATUATION (Knights Rebels MC #4) by River Savage!

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QUOTES- Here are some quotes you are free to use with your posts if you choose...

“Beau.”I step back, unsure what to say. His eyes narrow at my retreat, but he doesn’t say anything.
My body is alight, buzzing with need but also uncertainty.
If it were anyone other than Beau saying these words, I’d probably be thrown back into the past with Chad. A past I want no future in. But this is Beau. He doesn't frighten me or want to hurt me. He cares for me and I care for him.
“I don’t—" I begin to reply but stop because I have no idea what I want to say.
“Save it. I’m not doing this with you."...


“You think I give a fuck about the truce? I don’t. Means nothing to me, or our club,” I lie, knowing how far we’ve come with the Warriors. Blood has been shed, and the last thing we need is to have them coming into our territory.
“Tell me where she is and I won’t go to my Prez,” he tries to threaten me.
“You don’t know who you’re playing with. You think your Prez is gonna start a war for you.” I release the safety on his gun and watch panic flash across his face.

“Put the gun down, Beau.” I hear movement to my left, but I keep the gun trained on the fucker on the ground.

“Maybe because there wasn’t where you needed to be, Kenz.” I reach my hand across the table and place it over hers. She doesn’t pull back like I expect her to and I celebrate briefly at the win.
“You think this is where I need to be? Here. Hiding from the world.” She shakes her head, not accepting this as her fate.
“You’re not hiding, darlin’. You’re surviving.”


“Ass to the bed or I will tie your feet.” He looks up, his eyes glass over with a new level of power and I drop my ass fast. “Good girl.” He takes his gaze back to my pussy before ever so lightly flicking his tongue over my clit. It’s like it almost didn’t happen....


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