Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review: Spellbound: Laid Bare By S.R. Grey

Publication Date: September 5, 2015

Series: Volume 3

Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: 
With Dahlia ensnared in the clutches of Lucien’s sinister cousin, it would seem Selene’s evil plan to make Dahlia despise Lucien has been effective. 

Will Selene sever their bond forever? 

Not if Lucien has anything to say about it. 

But when the powerful Mr. Chambers swoops in to rescue his young love, he soon discovers there’s more to Dahlia’s connection to him than he ever imagined. 

Can Dahlia be saved? And if so, should Lucien save her? To do so may mean disaster. 

Review: I have been waiting on book 3 from the time I finished 2. Book 2 left my mouth hanging open and book 3 did about the same with a little more.  I wanted to scream and yell while reading this one. I fell in love with Lucian and Dahlia from the very beginning. Every time things seem to be going their way … BAM something else happens.

I was hoping Selene’s spell didn’t work and was pissed to find out everything she was doing to keep these 2 apart. Dahlia and Lucian love each other so much what’s so wrong with them getting a HEA? Then Lucian’s mother showed up!! I can’t stand this woman and I am once again pulling for these 2 lovers. I honestly think there is more to the story than what everyone is telling Lucian. Things just don’t seem to add up at all. I will sit here and bit my nails until the next book comes out. Fingers crossed that my poor Lucian and Dahlia can finally get an HEA and be together forever. If you guys haven’t read this series… please DO!!! I am addicted and need the next one ASAP!!

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