Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Riding for Her by Adair Rymer

Publication Date: 3/1/2015
Rating:  4 Stars

Official Blurb:

For five long years I echoed the words Honor, Loyalty and Brotherhood off my prison cell walls. It's all that's kept me going.
Now on the outside, seeing my club all twisted up, all I want is my freedom, freedom from everything-- 
Including that brotherhood.
Pres' wants one last ride out of me then all my debts are paid.
Bullets, fire, a god damned army, nothing will keep me from finishing this run! Except the one thing I hadn't counted on. 
A girl named Maya.

Falling in with a dangerous, rival MC, getting dragged halfway across the country and nearly getting killed... There was nothing I wouldn't do to save my baby sister.
Being the daughter of a corrupt MC President, I promised myself I would never let a biker hurt me again.
What I wasn't prepared for a was man like Hendrix. He pierced parts of my mind and heart that no one ever has.
This one ride was supposed to change everything.
I didn't think it could change me.

Riding For Her is a standalone MC Novel that's chock full of steamy sex, nail-biting violence and heart-racing adventure in a way that only Adair Rymer can provide. Mount up for the dangerous thrill ride of a lifetime!

Riding for Her was my very first Adair Rymer book and I wasn’t disappointed. I love MC romance and Rymer’s story definitely falls into the love category. This book has everything a good MC romance story needs, grit, violence, bad language, dirty sex, and a alpha male who makes your panties wet and frustrated all at the same time.  I could go on and on about the characters in my review, but so many people before me have already done that.   Sure, Hendrix and Maya are polar opposite characters that have skyrocketing chemistry and sexual need for each, but who needs to hear that again in a different way. 

I want to stick to my feelings about this book.  I felt dirty and sexually frustrated as the story line of this book unfolded in front of my eyes. I will admit there were a few times when I thought to myself of “Where in the hell is she going with this part?” and I honestly loved where it went.  Another driving factor for this story is the fact it’s a standalone. Sure, I love my multiple book series of MC, but honestly, I just sometimes want a story that is told to completion without having to hear about the first book in the second book and its effect on the new set of characters. This book may have been my first, but it truly won’t be my last of Adair Rymer’s books!

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