Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: Ricochet by Keri Lake

Publication Date: 7/9/2015

Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

Three years ago, I had everything.

A beautiful wife.
A son.
A reason for living.

Until a ruthless task force, assembled under Mayor Michael Culling, with a brutal strategy to make the streets of Detroit ‘safe’, ripped away everything I loved in a deadly hunt called The Culling.

They tried to kill me, too. I wish they had. Now I'm cursed by the memories of that night, and the words I whispered to my dying wife.

A promise—to avenge the wrong and set it right.

I’m no longer Nick Ryder. I’m a masked vigilante. Faceless. Loveless. Fearless. A man with nothing left to lose—one who's seen the dark and violent truth behind the city’s flawless veneer.

Michael Culling doesn’t know who I am. Or what I want. All he knows is that I’ve kidnapped his beautiful wife.

An eye for an eye—isn’t that how the saying goes? And Aubree Culling is the perfect pawn to destroy him.

If she doesn’t destroy me first.

WARNING: **Not recommended for readers under the age of 18 due to graphic violence, sex and strong language. Trigger warning for self harm.

Have you ever started a book before and feared what you find within its pages?  Ricochet was that book for me. It’s rare when a book’s cover or blurb affects me so much before even reading a single chapter.  I knew this book would be dark and honestly, I needed something like this to break up the monotony of my romance reads as of late. I got exactly what I bargained for in terms of a heart pounding and grippingly dark story.  You’ll feel eyes watching you as you read this story to the point of shivering in the night while you read.  I personally couldn’t put this book down.  Ricochet is a freakishly dark romance that leaves you pissing yourself in fear. 

I was torn when I finished this book because the premise and writing were spectacular, but how the story wrapped up to me felt a little off. It seemed like the loose ends were tied up way too conveniently for such a dark story. Don’t get me wrong! I loved the story and the author’s explosive writing style, but the ending was a little too forced if that makes sense.  I’ve seen similar endings before and honestly, I haven’t found a single instance where they have worked.

That mention aside, I think that if you are in the market for a twisted and dark romantic read that you should slide this one into your must-read pile.  I honestly think that not everyone will share my feelings about the ending so I encourage everyone to give this book a try if it seems up your alley!

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