Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: Razer’s Ride by Jamie Bagley

Publication Date:  6/8/2013
Series: The Last Rider’s #1
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Beth Cornett is the town good girl, so staying out of the way of the motorcycle club’s dangerous members was a no brainer. Unfortunately, she manages to catch the eye of Razer, who has every intention of tempting her to take him on despite her misgivings. When her worst fears are realized, she is left heartbroken, determined to forget her walk on the wild side.

Razer was not going to change for any woman, not even Beth. Their lifestyles were too different; betrayed she ran. Realizing his mistake too late; she was not about to forgive and forget. It takes a killer intent on targeting Beth to bring her back to him and The Last Riders for protection. Razer may have learned his lesson, but this time, as long as she is at the club, she has to play by their rules.

This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older. Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, multiple partners, moderate violence and explicit language offends you.

Razer’s Ride is an emotional thrill ride of an MC Novel. Beth resonated with me with her strict upbringing and well -being a pastor’s wife to boot.  Thankfully, Mr. D isn’t like her father, but my dad was a very strict man so I understand the trials and tribulations of her childhood. After her parent’s deaths, she’s left to raise her adopted sister. She scrapes and sacrifices her childhood to give her sister the life she deserves.  Beth is the kind of woman you feel almost pride reading about. She’s resilient and tough, not letting the world to get her down.   Yet, she is meek when it comes to the ways of men and especially with the influx of bikers in her town.  Beth was likeable as a character, but she was honestly a doormat with the shit she put up with. For someone who was so strong when came to her sister and her family issues, she sure didn’t read as a tough bitch with her relationship with the leading male character.

Razer takes a special interest in Beth and pursues her with false ideals about her experience and life.  He royally screws up so many times I don’t know how she can stand to be around him.  He’s a likeable character and screams MC officer, but his lassez-faire attitude when it comes to sex and the woman of the club really bothered me.  The club is his family and his cock is his favorite appendage.  There are parts of this book that will leave you wanting to strangle the fuck out of him.

All in All, this book hit in the middle of the road for me. I think had Beth found her backbone and Razer would have been punished for his actions, though sometimes well intended, I think I would have liked this story better.  The drama and heartbreak were on par for a good MC novel, but it fell a little flat for me.

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