Monday, September 7, 2015

Review: Full Count by Cori Williams

Publication Date: August 31, 2015 
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: 

Dylan Turner wasn’t looking for love, all he needed was someone to warm his bed and be gone by morning. Baseball was what made his life worth living. The hunger to play, the need to live and breathe baseball—it was ingrained in his blood and veins, making his heart thump, beat for beat. It wasn’t until he met Paige that everything changed. She became part of the game, only it was a game he never wanted to end. 

Paige’s love for baseball was ingrained in her before she was even born. She never thought she would find love in the form of a baseball player though, but that all changes when she meets her new schools first baseman. Was Paige really ready for this roller coaster ride? When the count is full, will what they have survive?

Review: I absolutely fell head over heals in love with this book!!! Dylan and Paige are both such loveable and adorable characters. This book is told through both POV’s so we get to see a side to both. There was some drama throughout but not enough to bother me. Sometimes I just need a cute and sweet read and this is definitely that book.

Paige has decided to move several hours away to go to college. Since she was 7 years old, she has only ever her father and her best friend Jake. By moving away, she is hoping to start fresh. Paige meets her roommate Kitty and thinks they are total opposite which is crazy because they turn out to be great friends. Then Paige meets Dylan. She listens to everyone else when they tell her to stay away from Dylan because he is a player but she sees a sweet side to Dylan to. Paige decides to just fight her feelings for Dylan but he has other plans and doesn’t want her to forget.

Now it took just a bit for Dylan to grow on me. When the book first starts, I though Dylan was a total cocky arrogant smart mouthed player. Now he is some of those things but he is also a complete sweetheart. Right from the very beginning, he knows Paige is different and that she might even possibly be a game changer.

There are some parts in this book that PISSED me off so bad. AHHH I wanted to smack both Paige and Dylan but Dylan A LOT more!!! But there were also some super sweet parts to. Dylan actually made my heart skip a beat once of twice. I also love how the side characters play a pretty big part too. I wouldn’t mind seeing other books from them sometime later. I loved every minute of this book so don’t miss out!!! 

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