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Brie Paisley's Betrayed Blog Tour

He is darkness. He is everything that should make me run and never look back. I should run. I should leave and forget everything he makes me want and feel. I have tried running, only to be caught and brought back. Why does this man want me? Why does he want to claim everything I have? 
I just want to be free. I want and need my freedom from him. 
I need freedom from his darkness. 
I need freedom from his chains that bind me. 
I need freedom from falling for the man that I know is a monster. 

She is light. Everything that is good while I am consumed with darkness. She is my salvation from the monster that dwells inside of me. I can’t help but want her. I can’t help but need her. I have to consume her in every way possible. She is mine whether she wants to believe it or not. She wants her freedom from me. But what she doesn’t see, I am the very thing she wants and needs. 
Freedom to be herself. 
Freedom to let go of her pain. 
Freedom to fall for the one man that sets her body on fire. 
Body, mind, and soul I will claim what is mine. 

Brie F-ing Paisley.. YOU ARE KILLING ME, SMALLS! Just when I thought I knew where this book was going, you had to go and pull a 180.  If I could have hoped on a plane and flown to see you, I would have been screaming and pointing at the end of this book. The cliffhanger was frustratingly amazing.  Betrayed is the kind of book that requires a fan, fresh panties, and a punching bag.  You will find yourself hot and bothered  and at the same time, needing to punch the shit out of something in frustration. Knowing this is Paisley’s second book, I was left in shock and awe. She writes like a seasoned veteran and has mastered the ability to even shock this seasoned reader and blogger.  Karen and Jason’s story will skyrocket your love for this author. Now… WHEN DO I GET BOOK#3?!?!?! 

After reading book 1, I could not wait to start book 2. Right at the end of book 1 we find out some things about Josh/Jason that leave your mouth hanging open so I couldn’t wait to find out answers. Karen and Jason broke down my emotions so many times. I went from laughing, to being angry, to frustrated, and then to actual tears in my eyes.

Karen has suffered her own loss that she still isn’t recovering from very well. But when she meets Jason for the first time she knows that she needs to take a chance on him. She finally decides to open herself up to someone because maybe not everyone is bad or maybe life can be happy again. But Karen soon finds herself in a situation she never saw coming.

Jason hasn’t had the best life either. Throughout the book we find out why he is the way he is and why he has done the things he has done. I have such a love/ hate relationship with Jason. There were times I wanted to crawl through my kindle and smack him or shake him and say get it together dummy!! There were times he made me so mad but other times he made me swoon.

This book is told through both Jason and Karen’s POVs so we get both sides to the story. When the book ended I literally screamed NO!!!!! AHHHH I honestly cannot wait to see what Brie has for the next book in the series. My fingers are crossed that more characters that we meet get books because I loved them all. Don’t miss out on this book. I absolutely love this series!!!

This book had me all over the place, Karen and Jason. She is the angel to his devil.
All he wanted to do was protect her, but it just made him out to look like a monster. But in reality he really is a monster. Underneath it all, he craves he darkness, until her. She saves him, makes him want to be a better man. Karen is drawn to him, and she knows there is more to him than the monster than overcomes him when things go wrong. I loved this book, you feel for both characters, but also you just wanted to strangle them at times. They are both so stubborn, Karen especially! I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted if I were put into her situation. They are on the run, but technically not willingly. In the end, things get bad, lines are crossed and you can never really tell black from white. Poor Jason does what he has to do to make things right. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book.

Other Books in the Series

Running a business and trying to keep the past in the past isn't so easy.
Riley Blake thinks she has it all: a nice house, a great friend, and her own bakery. Her world turns upside down when an incident with a hot stranger happens right outside the local coffee shop. Riley is instantly attracted to the dark and mysterious man.

Fate steps in yet again, and Riley finds herself with the dark and mysterious man again at a local bar. His name is Isaac.Isaac has his own business with his partner, Conner. Riley doesn't think too much of the two having more than a brother type friendship. When Riley becomes attracted to Conner, she is torn over what she should do.Isaac, however, lets Riley know he is willing to share. Shocked and utterly confused, Riley does as she is told and begins a relationship with not one, but two men. Everything was great until Isaac and Conner's past comes back to haunt them and Riley ends up in the middle. Just when she thinks it cant get any worse, Riley’s ex comes back into the picture and she is thrown back into her past. Can love really conquer all? Or will this be just another sad love story?

Brie Paisley is a small town gal from Mississippi. She always wanted to write at a young age and was always filling journals with her thoughts and short stories. Brie started with the idea of Worshipped a year ago and with the encouragement of her husband and sister in law, she was able to write her first book. When she is not writing, you can find her reading a good book, painting, scrapbooking, or watching a good movie with her husband and her boxer.

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