Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slammer Blog Tour

The last place Christopher Jacobs, aka X, thought he’d find himself was behind bars. Ten years later, the boy he used to be is gone. In his place is the shell of a man with murder under his belt. Any emotion he once had was left under the gavel when he was given life in prison. That is until the new nurse in the infirmary joins the block.
Putting your hands on a prison employee will get you the hole, but some things are worth their punishment, and something tells him Lyla will be worth more than he bargained for.

Lyla Evans isn’t sure about her new job at a maximum security prison, but showing uncertainty and weakness isn’t an option. Taking care of murders and rapist isn’t ideal, but survival is key. She’s warned ahead of time about a prisoner named X, but when she’s attacked, it’s the dangerous X that saves her. Fraternizing with the prisoners is forbidden, but sometimes the most forbidden things are the sweetest.

WOW!!! This book has left me completely speechless. After reading the blurb, I could not WAIT to read this book. I had an idea going in what the book was about but honestly it was 100% different than I could have ever imagined. I was literally sucked in from page 1 and read it all in one sitting within just a few hours. This is by far my favorite book by Tabatha so far!

The book is told through both X and Lyla’s POVs. I honestly didn’t think I could ever have any type of connection to X. He is a criminal and a murder. So how in the HELL did I grow to love this man??? I am still asking myself this very question. X is completely different man than I originally thought. Yes he is a criminal and he has to do things in order to survive but deep down I knew there was something special about X. As the story unfolds, I seen a completely different man from start to finish and I am still in shock how Tabatha made me love X… just speechless.

Lyla is doing anything and everything she can to survive. She doesn’t want to work at the prison but she honestly has no choice. Fresh out of nursing school and no other place hiring, she has no option but to work at the prison to bring in an income. She was warned about X and told he was the most dangerous man in the prison. BUT when she meets him for the first time she is shocked by how attractive he is and how much she is drawn to him. As time goes, Lyla really starts to question herself about the man X really is. Is he really a stone cold killer or is there another side to him no one knows?
This book is full of twists and turns. Just when I thought I had everything put together… BAM the story completely turns. I refuse to do spoilers and this is a book everyone should experience from beginning to end. I was literally in complete SHOCK when I finished. I had to go back a re-read the ending a few times because I knew I did not just read that. This book is amazing and a MUST read! Be prepared to be left with your mouth hanging open! Great job Tabatha!!

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