Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review: Torn by Eleanor Green

Publication Date: January 8, 2014
Series: Standalone 
Rating: 5 EPIC Stars!!!

Official Blurb: When Katie Harrington becomes engaged to Branson Stone she believes her life is right on track for all her dreams to come true. However, flashes of a life she never lived haunt her-leading her to discover a past that has been purposely erased from her memory in order to protect her from horrible truths. The look on her fiance's face as she retells everything she remembers will forever be etched in her mind. Instead of catching and comforting her, he lets her go. Retreating to the family's cottage on the Outer Banks for the summer, Katie's heart begins to heal. She succumbs to the allure of a dangerously handsome local, Aidan Romero. But as soon as Katie begins to let go and move on with Aidan . . . Branson finds her. Now Katie is torn between two lives-facing her painful past with Branson, or moving on with Aidan and keeping the secrets safely buried forever.  

WOW WOW and WOW!!!!! This was my first book by Eleanor and I am still completely blown away. When I started this book, I had no idea was I was in store for and believe me this book will leave your mouth hanging open saying did that REALLY just happen??!!

When the book starts, everything is perfect. It has an amazing cute start to the story with a shy girl named Katie. Katie doesn’t drink, party, go out, or really anything else. Katie wants to graduate college and start her career and take care of her Gram. Everything is going great for Katie and she even meets a great guy, Branson! AHHH Branson is such a sweetheart. I loved him right from the beginning and he was so good to Katie. But Katie has these nightmares and can’t figure out why or how she knows the people in her dreams. Branson talks Katie into seeing someone and that’s when everything changes.

In the middle of the book, we are taken back to Katie’s past. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I felt so bad for this girl and my heart was hurting. I wanted to pick her up and hold her while she cried. I am not one for spoilers so you have to read to see what happens. Everything is not always as it appears and this book will shock you to the core.

When Katie tells Branson everything she remembers, he freaks out a little. Katie can’t take it and she runs right into the arms of Aidan. I didn’t like Aidan because I was always team Branson from the get go. There was nothing changing my mind. But Branson puts up a fight for Katie and shows her how much he really loves her. Don’t miss out on this book. It’s an amazing story. Lots of twists and turns mixed in with raw emotions and pure love!!


  1. I have had this on my Kindle for awhile I'm bumping it up! Thanks for the fantastic review!!

  2. I have had this on my Kindle for awhile I'm bumping it up! Thanks for the fantastic review!!