Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review: Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters

Publication Date: 7/7/2015
Series: Pure Corruption MC #1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

"We met in a nightmare. The in-between world where time had no power over reason. We fell in love. We fell hard. But then we woke up. And it was over . . ."


She is a woman divided. Her past, present, and future are as twisted as the lies she's lived for the past eight years. Desperate to get the truth, she must turn to the one man who may also be her greatest enemy . . . 

He is the president of Pure Corruption MC. A heartless biker and retribution-deliverer. He accepts no rules, obeys no one, and lives only to reap revenge on those who wronged him. And now he has stolen her, body and soul.

Can a woman plagued by mystery fall in love with the man who refuses to face the truth? And can a man drenched in darkness forgo his quest for vengeance-and finally find redemption?

FUCK! I bet you’re wondering why review started off with that word. Well.. there’s a lot of things that come to mind after reading Ruin & Rule that involve the word fuck. Mindfuck. This book really messes with you with its level of darkness and twists. From the very first chapter, my mind raced with the what ifs and whys.

What the Fuck? Pepper Winters stunned me as this marvelous book dived deeper and deeper in the dark past of this MC and the amnesiac lead female. So many little easter eggs to her identity were laid out and layered so far down into the story that it isn’t until the end that you realize how much the shit is about to hit the fan.

Motherfucker! Kill is the kind of guy you love to hate and hate to love. He’s a mix of alpha male sexiness with pure gruesome darkness. His soul may be black and his heart may be gone, but this man is the ultimate alpha.

If you can’t tell by the number of times that fuck appears in this review, I FLOVED this book. This is my first book by author Pepper Winters. Upon putting it down, I couldn’t have loved it anymore. She delivered on a sick and twisted story with just the right amount of sinful romance and sex appeal that made Ruin & Rule sheer literary perfection. Now… I just have to wait for the next book… BOOOOO!

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