Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review: Hayden’s Verse by AC Bextor

Publication Date: 2/3/2015
Series: Devil’s Despair #2
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:


I’m known to my friends as a player; a user of women. 
I don’t believe in relationships. They’re messy and confusing. They don’t last. 

Lacey Wells walked into my life and ruined it. Although not in the traditional sense, we made the decision to be “exclusive.” We used each other to satisfy our bodies want of lust and attraction. And we had this… for a time.

When uncontrollable events altered the arrangement and life as we knew it had fallen to circumstance, my reactions weren’t only punishing, they were painful and cruel. I pushed her away, causing her heartache but in return she refused to break. Instead, she challenged my will at every turn. She was determined to make me see the person I always was, but had never been. I was desperate and searching for the answer that I was so anxious to have…
Was I capable of falling in love?

Our path together was tumultuous and unforgiving. At times it was full of anger and resentment. But it was also fun and sometimes downright ridiculous. 

There’s no label to our story; tales of cliché pale in comparison. It just happened. It was us. It was crazy and it was exactly what we made it.

Note: There are no love triangles or cheating that takes place within this story. It’s a HEA, however the road to getting there is full of angst, sadness, and regret. If you aren’t a reader who enjoys the element of angst or heartache, this book isn’t one you’d find enjoyment in reading. This is not a dark romance. Due to explicit language and sexual content, this book should not be purchased by readers under the age of 18. This book has been written as a standalone novel as have all other books in theDevil’s Despair series. 

Hayden’s Verse is an angst-ridden twisted tale of love. Lacey’s past is filled with heartbreak while Hayden has lived the life of an emotional playboy who use women and leave them crying in the dirt. He doesn’t do romance while Lacey’s not looking for love. These two characters are so dead set on avoiding relationships that they are instantly drawn into one.  Their story is far from an easy romance and honestly I think that I like that about this book. Romance is meant to be messy and heartbreaking. Things come at you at the speed of light without any warning and you have to pick up the shattered pieces and deal the best you can. Lacey and Hayden have to fight for their HEA and damn I loved it! The teaser for the next book left me with my jaw open….

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