Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review: Ace’s Redemption by AC Bextor

Publication Date: 10/6/2014
Series: Devil’s Despair #1
Rating:  5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Memories alone can ruin you. Fear has a paralyzing effect, and love isn’t always enough to keep you safe.

Ace was the gateway to a freedom I hadn’t known since I was fifteen. He offered his protection from the demons that haunted me; both living and dead.

Although I knew I wasn’t enough to keep him, this didn’t deter my hope that one day he’d love me for who I was, not the broken girl he tried so desperately to save. 

In the end, the ghosts of my past found me. Their malevolence knew no bounds, and I was forced to succumb to their will of darkness. Each threat named against those I loved made any escape impossible; choosing my life for theirs became my desolate absolution.

Inevitably, it was my own weakness and self-doubt that became my undoing.

Emotional ties are sometimes severed. Friendships don’t always endure their hardships, and love offered isn’t always returned. 

I was in love once. For me, leaving her back in Ohio was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. For her, moving on with her life that included her son and the man she loved was no less than she deserved -- unconditional happiness.

My reasons to bring Cherry home to California were obvious. I needed help with my family, and she needed help staying clean and convincing her parents she was ready to give her son the life he deserved.

It was a perfect plan. However, the best laid plans often get lost amidst their best intentions.

Cherry fell in love with me, and in return my love for her acted as the catalyst to her destruction.

I knew that before I even opened the very first page I was going to love this book. AC Bextor hooked me to her unique style of writing with the Lights of Peril series. Taking two battered and heartbroken characters from her infamous MC series and bringing them into a new series set was quite simply amazing. All throughout the Lights of Peril series my heart ached for Ace and Cherry. These two characters left the MC world emotional and broken shells of their former selves for two very different reasons. Truth be told, I wasn’t exactly the biggest Cherry fan from the MC books until the end, but now, she’s one of my favorite leading ladies. She grew up in such a bad family, minus her father, and my mind settled with how she was as an adult. She wanted a life for herself and the darkness of her past drags her kicking and screaming back in while Ace is trying to mend his broken heart and save Cherry all at the same time. This book is emotional and touches on some really hard things to swallow. Bextor does not shy away from the dark and demented things in our world and I love that about her.  I will say that the Peril boys make a cameo for a bit in the book that had me jumping for joy. I miss Shame and Hem, but Ace and his band of brothers might just quickly replace them in my heart. This book is an outstanding start to a new series and I can’t wait to read the next one!!

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