Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blog Tour: Defying Fate by Heidi Lis


Defying Fate by Heidi Lis ∼ Blog Tour Genre ∼ Contemporary Romance Released ∼ May 28th, 2015


  Sometimes love can turn ugly. Sometimes love can hurt. Sometimes the best thing to do is escape! Leaving everything behind Izzy Parker escaped the hell that had been her life. Driving as far west as she could, to get away from her evil past she ended up in Washington State. Izzy’s new life is turned upside down when she meets her Harley-riding neighbor Braxton Ryles. Larger than life Braxton is a biker with a mouth to go with it. Owning his own shop, he controls most things in his life. Living and loving hard, the only thing that means anything to him is his daughter Eve. Upon hearing they had a new neighbor move in, his curiosity gets the better of him when his daughter won’t stop talking about their new neighbor. The instant their eyes meet, chemistry takes over and ignites into an inferno of lust. His sense of humor and her blushing tendencies seem to sizzle whenever they are together. The only problem is they both have troubled pasts, evil ex's that want to rip their new found happiness apart. One-ex wants revenge; the other seeks vengeance. What happens when their new found love collides with the ones who threaten to take it all away? Can love survive? Or will their pasts burn their dreams of a future to ashes? Love will be tested, hearts will break, and the horrors of the past will reveal a secret Izzy is desperate to keep hidden. 


 He leans into me, his lips barely touching mine. I am yearning to feel the softness of them as he teases me with a slow lick of his lower lip. My eyes are entranced. His wet, velvety tongue glistens as if inviting me in. I’m visibly shaken as every ounce of my body feels like it’s now lit on fire. Braxton is intoxicating.

This was a great debut novel from Heidi. I was sucked in right from the get go. A sweet little girl who melted my heart and a hot biker … who wouldn’t be sucked in. Izzy was getting settled into her new little life with her hot next-door neighbor when everything goes from good to bad in more ways than one.

There was so much fighting against Braxton and Izzy from the get go. Izzy was running from her past that she wanted to forget and Braxton had his own problems that hit right close to home. These two were fighting demons that neither were actually ready for. This book had my emotions all over the place. One-minute things were going great and the next everything was upside down. At one point in time I wanted to crawl through my kindle and knock a few people out. Don’t miss out on this action pack story from start to finish!! 



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