Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Bedrock by Britney King

Publication Date: May 2013
Series and Book Number: 1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

When Addison Greyer, a happily married mother of three, decides to re-enter the workforce, she never once considers that taking a job might unravel everything she thinks to be true about her life—that it would cause her to look deep within and confront fears she didn’t know existed. She couldn’t have foreseen how a chance meeting or a single day can change the course of an entire lifetime. 

Like many women, Addison is defined in terms of marriage and motherhood, until she suddenly finds her life turned upside down by her husband’s decision to take a job thousands of miles away. When her tough-as-nails boss offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse, Addie is forced to make difficult choices. Those choices take her further and further out of the carefully crafted fairytale life she has created and lead her into an unknown world where things are anything but black and white: a world where she learns that desire is not only dangerous but deadly. In this world, all bets are off as she is forced to finally confront her past. As her past and present collide, she has to make decisions that for most are unthinkable, decisions that can tear her family apart, and perhaps even have fatal 

Wow! Just wow. I am blown away right now. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this book. I thought alright it sounds great, I love the author, but I was literally sucked into this book. When I say I could not put it down, I’m being serious. I had to know what would happen next. I had to know what Addison would do. There were so many reasons why I was glad I decided to read this book. It was amazing!

First starting out I knew I was in trouble. From the very beginning Britney had me engrossed into her world of Addison. I really enjoyed reading Addison’s character and getting to know her. She had to go through some difficult times, but overall she pushed through and learned how to cope and move forward. She did have the fairytale life all planned out in her head, but one day, that fairytale ends. I loved how slowly Addison started to change. Not in a bad way, but in a great way. She became more of what she needed to be and I literally kept thinking: You go girl!!

I really liked that we got an inside into other characters as well. Some characters I hated. I mean hated. I also liked the fact even though there was a lot that needed to be said, Britney did a wonderful job at keeping the story right on track. She didn’t over do some parts or drag out the story. It flowed just the way it needed too. Britney’s writing was a nice change and I really can’t wait to start book two. I highly recommend reading this book and the rest of the series. Let’s face it, if book one was this addicting, imagine how book two will go! 

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