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Review: Bad Blooded Rebel: A Rock & Roll Novella Series by Mellie George

Publication Date: 3/17/2014

Series: Bad Blooded Rebel #1-#4

Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:


Now all of the Bad Blooded Rebel novellas you love are available in one set! Fall in love with Ryder Matthews and Everleigh Stone all over again in Rebel (Part #1), Rogue (Part #2), Renegade (Part #3), and Redeemed (Part #4) available for the first time in one book.

Ryder Matthews was, by all intents and purposes, a rock god. The lead singer of Bad Blooded Rebel, he was talented, gorgeous, and used to getting his way in all aspects of his life...until he met a raven haired beauty backstage after a concert in his hometown. She seemed like she'd rather be anywhere than at his show...and it intrigued him. 

Everleigh Stone was about as down to earth as a girl from Indiana could be. She felt out of her element when her best friend dragged her along to see a famous rock band in concert and couldn't wait to leave...especially when she goes backstage and meets the bands lead singer who makes her reluctantly weak in the knees. 

Ryder can't get Everleigh out of his mind after their first encounter...he has to know her. What will happen when takes a chance and follows her to her hometown?

Ryder has stolen my heart while Everleigh broke it. Mellie George had me bawling my eyes out at 2am as I read a certain scene in Rogue. The feelings that Everleigh exhibited poured back into the memories of my own similar loss just 2 short months ago. George has captured the very essence of the emotional turmoil a young girl grows through in that kind of loss perfectly.

I have to applaud George for making her female lead character the kind of normal woman instead of the obtainable look most female literary characters exhibit. Everleigh is the average woman who has had a shit kind of life when it comes to the boyfriend cards she’s been dealt. She’s closed off and cold towards men until Ryder comes into focus for her at a concert her best friend Danni dragged her off to see. Ryder is exactly what you think your typical Rockstar would be like. He’s a womanizer, but all of that stops when Everleigh walks into his life and wants nothing to do with him. 

To sum up my feelings on this novella, I would say that the Bad-Blooded Rebels turns up the heat, piles on the emotions, and makes you feel like you’ve rode hard and put away wet when you turn the last page. This was my first read by Mellie George and it sure as hell won’t be the last!  Mellie HUGE props for putting in little bits of Indiana goodness in your story. I think I want Pizza King now… 

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