Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Here and Now Series by Lexi Ryan

Publication Date: 10/24/2014

Rating: 5 STARS!!

Official Blurb:


**This omnibus edition includes all three full-length novels from the USA Today Bestselling Here and Now series: Lost in Me, Fall to You, and All for This. This sexy amnesia love triangle is intended for mature readers.**

Even when the mind can't remember, the heart can't forget...

When an injury leaves Hanna Thompson without her last year of memories, she wakes to a perfect life—right down to an engagement ring from her unrequited love, Max Hallowell. But each day makes her question if she has the life she always wanted or if she's been living a lie. As she searches for answers, every path leads to rocker Nate Crane. And Nate wants her for himself.

Lexi Ryan, not only have you stolen my heart and shattered it into a million little pieces with this series, but you have given me one of the best binge reads of my life. I started the first book, Lost in Me, just before bed last night. 2 hours later, at 2am, I was diving into book 2 only to finish the entire series before lunch the next morning at work. While my productivity for work was a bit lagging that day, I have never had emotional adrenaline rush that is the Here and Now Series.

Hanna broke my heart so many times in this trilogy that I honestly don’t know where to begin with my review. Being a bigger girl my entire life, I identify with her personal body issues and her need to be loved. She had no idea what her life had in store for her when she wakes up after an accident with no memory of her life for the last year. During the missing year, her life has turned completely upside down. She’s engaged to her childhood crush and a sinfully sexy rocker god has sung his way into her heart. She has so much confusing with her memory loss and the animosity that grows between these two men that she’s about to burst at the seams.

The entire series is based on Hanna’s inability to choice between the love of her childhood and the love that her heart desires. Her memories bring to light that her past with both of these men aren’t exactly roses and rainbows happy. Each man has a history for breaking her heart just as she does to them. With each turn of the page, my heart broke just a little bit more as the series continues. The memories of their past actions intertwined with the reality she is going to have to face make this into a perfect book series. You never see the plot twists coming.

The Here and Now series will leave you emotionally battered and drained when you turn the last page. Hanna, Max, and Nate have propelled themselves into my heart and I won’t be letting go. I hope that I get to revisit them someday in another series because I can’t give up on them just yet. Thank you so much Lexi for an amazing series! I can’t wait to meet you at the Cleveland author event in a few weeks!!!

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