Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Her Dom by A.D. Justice

Publication Date: 7/23/2014

Series: Dominic Powers #1
Rating: 4 stars!

Official Blurb:

My name is Dominic Powers. My software engineering company, DPS, is one of the top 500 companies in the world. Conducting a search for my Personal Assistant brought an unexpected candidate straight to me. 

I knew she was different as soon as she walked into my high-rise office. She exuded innocence and inexperience. Those are two things in a woman that normally don’t attract me, but I am apparently making an exception for her. She’s young and delicate – and I’m afraid she won’t make it in my world. 

But the carnal man I’ve kept hidden deep inside me says I have to try. 

She is my Sophia Vasco. 

I am Her Dom. 

In preparing myself for the 2015 Cleveland Author Event, I have been binge reading books for the attending authors. I’ll be quite honest when Her Dom came up next in my reading list; I wasn’t exactly sure what I would find in its pages. I knew going in it was going to be a Dom/Sub Erotica type story, but what I didn’t expect was the emotional toll this book would take on me. Dominic and Sophia’s story isn’t just about their passion for each other, but a tale of dark twists and turns that you’ll never even see coming. I was literally dumbfounded at the out of nowhere cliff hanger ending. Just when you get a sense of normalcy and comfort with their relationship, BAM! Shit hits the proverbial fan! This book was face of the sun hot with his intense passion yet soft and tender with the love between these two characters. 

Dominic was really a different kind of alpha male for me. Sure, he was commanding and controlling, but he was also soft hearted and loving with Sophia. I never once got the intense feeling of fear from him reading this book. The Dom/Sub relationship story has infiltrated the literary world with the wildly popular release of Fifty Shades. Yet, A.D. Justice has given us a breath of fresh air when it comes to this form of romance. It’s sensually seductive and romantically breathtaking. I can’t wait to get my copy signed next weekend!

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