Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review: Grit by Margaret McHeyzer

Publication Date: 4/25/2015

Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

Jaeger Dalton wants the land that was promised to him.
Phoenix Ward isn't about to let anyone take Freedom Run away from her.
He’ll protect what’s his.
She’ll protect what’s hers.
Jaeger is an arrogant ass, but he wants nothing more than Phoenix.
Phoenix is stubborn and headstrong, and she wants Jaeger out of her life.
Her father lost the family farm to gambling debts, but Jaeger isn't the only one who has a claim to the property.
Sometimes it’s best to let things go.
But sometimes it’s better to fight until the very end.

This book was great! Grit definitely lives up to its name as it’s definitely a dirty and gritty read. Jaeger is a tough as nails, alpha male badass with a sex addiction. He needs sex with whoever is willing when and where he wants it. That is of course until a red headed beauty catches his eye. This woman has plagued him for years. A routine debt claim for the MC opens up the biggest can of worms between several very dangerous groups and guess who is in the middle of it, Red.  She is a stubborn as hell woman who will not go quietly in the clubhouse and lives to cause trouble for J. Yet, these two people couldn’t be more attracted to one another. Their ties are combustible and volatile. Just open they both make it out alive!

This standalone novel wraps up an entire MC series into one tightly written beauty. Everything you love about the MC world is there! My only complaint about this series was the ending seemed rushed to me. We skipped weeks and months ahead instead of giving us more character and plot development. I think with a bit of added information and additional scenes to break up the time jump, I would have been able to give this book a 5/5 stars.  It was a great ride and I look forward to more!

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