Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: The Fight by T.H. Snyder

Publication Date:  11/30/2014

Series: The Fight #1
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

Hank Jones is about to endure the fight of his career. Preparing for this night his entire life, there's only one thing standing in his way of a knockout victory...her!

Taryn Morris, the daughter of Hank's trainer, recently moved back home after graduating college. The tomboy that left town four years ago is not the same girl that has now walked back into his life.

Growing up together through their adolescent years, there was never an emotion or physical connection between them. Now, years later, Hank can't seem to get Taryn out of his mind.

Can Hank ignore this magnetic pull to focus on his fight or will he risk it all for the biggest fight of his life...for her?

In yet another one of my new author binge reads before the Cleveland Author Event, I picked up The Fight by T.H. Snyder. This book shattered me. Just when you get the feeling of holy hell it’s finally going to happen… end of book. Seriously?!?! I nearly flipped my shit when the book ended on the car ride to Cleveland. I was left panting for more of what’s to come and bam! Cold Shower! Well, of course you all know what that means, I need to read the next one!

This story revolves around two people whose lives have been intertwined for years much to eithers dismay. Taryn is the cute, sweet girl all the guys want and can’t have because she’s dead set on another. She runs away from the potential love of her life to see if college would shake him from his hold on her heart.  College proves just strengthen the bond even more. She runs into him literally full speed ahead and the sparks and fights fly from there.  Hank is the serious career fighter that wants to fight to the top of the championship ladder. He’s been surrounded by his twin and best friend for years. He’s stepped aside and sacrificed his own heart for their chances at Taryn. The woman has plagued him his entire life and not for good reasons. Sure he wants her, but he won’t be the guy to break up their bromance over a woman.  He disguises his love for her in miserable hatred, but seeing her again is breaking his will.  Will she provide the 1-2 punch to break into his heart or will he leave her broken into pieces in the ring?

This book is amazing. Cliffhanger haters beware this is a cliffy that will leave you sexually frustrated more than shocked. This serial series is fast becoming one of my favorites.  This is the kind of book everyone will love!

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