Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Debut Author Avelyn Paige Release Day Blitz! Are you ready to be Damaged?

Saints and Sinners Book Promotions is proud to present a debut novel by debut author Avelyn Paige!!

Evie Carter has faced trials and tribulations her entire life. Her teenage years have been ripped away from her as she battles cancer. Just when things can’t get any worse, her doctor delivers the news that it’s finally time to make a life or death decision. Her options are limited and come with deadly consequences. The miracle drug that is meant to save her life changes her on a cellular level. She might not be damaged anymore, but she might just be damned in her new life.

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As I return his gaze, my heart seems to stop and time slows to a screeching halt. There’s nothing else that he can do to save me. The only chance I have now is to trust that these researchers in their government funded laboratories have discovered some miracle drug that might give me my life back. I lean back into my pillows clutching the black and gold fleece Purdue blanket my eight year old niece, Shay, made me when my hospital stays increased to weeks instead of days. Touching the soft fleece helps my rapid heartbeat slow down and allows my mind to consider the options. I close my eyes and consider what I have to gain if I could through with the drug trials. It could help me lead a normal life if it works or it could take away the quality of life in the time I have left.  I know deep down I want to live and this trial could mean everything in my battle. After what seems like hours, even though it was only a few minutes in reality, I open my eyes and look for my parents. They are both sitting in the blue plastic covered recliners in my room holding each other’s hands with their foreheads pressed together in what I am assuming is prayer.  They hear the plastic move on my hospital bed as I shift trying to make myself as comfortable as I can with all the tubes coming out of me and they turn their faces towards me. The look on my mother’s face tells me that they know I’m about to make the decision that will forever change our family. A decision that I don’t even think they would have the strength to make on my behalf. I turn my eyes to Dr. Bob, who is still sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for my decision. It takes me a few seconds to realize that I hold the keys to my life in what I’m about to say. As I open my lips the tears finally begin to flow.
I utter quietly as I wipe away my tears, “I want to do the trial. Where do I sign?”

This was a fantastic debut novel by Avelyn!!!! I was very lucky to read this book while she was writing and I literally could not wait for more. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen… BAM… the story changes completely and you are left thinking what just happened.

Evie is struggling with her fight against cancer. She has tried everything possible and refuses to give up fighting for her life. When Evie is offered an experimental drug she decides to take it without hesitation. Little did Evie know her whole entire life was about to change with this one simple drug mean to save her life. Evie was expecting to live and be happy with her family. But when she woke up everything she thought she knew was completely changed forever.

I hate spoilers and it’s so hard to keep my lips sealed because so many amazing things happened in this book. Evie is no longer the girl fighting for cancer but a beast who cannot be stopped. In this book, we meet some characters that I fell in love with and others I wanted to strangle with my bare hands. At the end of this book my mouth was completely hanging open with shock!! I cannot wait for book 2 and can only cross my fingers that Evie gets the happy life she thought she signed up for.

Great start for this newly minted author! So happy I gave it a chance. Can't wait to see where she goes from here.

This debut novel by Avelyn Paige is beyond a great read! I thought the story line and the idea of the novel was interesting and not to mention how unique it is. Evie has had a hard life. Fighting almost her entire teenage life she has missed out on so much. She wants to live. She just wants that chance to beat the cancer and be a normal girl. 

Her life literally changes and turns into something she never imagined. Her life is now something she never really wanted. Something that makes her different. That normal girl dream is forever gone. But at least she is still alive! 

I really enjoyed reading this novel by Avelyn. It was full of twists and things that I never saw coming. I cannot wait for the next in the series. I cannot wait to see how bad ass Evie becomes. It was a great ride and I highly recommend picking up this great novel!

This book really touched me. While reading it I went through a lot of different emotions, sadness, happiness, confusion, anger, angst, and a whole lot more. Evie is a young woman who has been battling cancer for quite awhile and all her options have run out. She makes the courageous decision to try alternative medicine and trials to save her life. After meeting Dr. Lu, she starts the trials, but they do not work and soon her family is saying goodbye. But for Evie, it's just the beginning of her new life. She will soon find out the true purpose of her brand new existence, and she is a fighter who will stop at nothing for what she believes in. There are twists, turns, and of course it makes you want to read what happens next. I really enjoyed this book, and I can't wait to read the next one!!

Avelyn Paige is a born and raised Indiana girl. She may be a Hoosier by birth, but she’s a Boilermaker by choice! Avelyn lives in rural Indiana with her pastor husband, 2 spoiled cats, and one very odd looking dog.  She’s an oncology research scientist by day and a writer and book review blogger by night. She enjoys reading anything she can get her hands, baking, and spending time with her friends and family.

Never intending on ever writing her own book, the idea behind the Damaged series came to her on a drive to work early one morning thinking about her father who’d recently passed away. His strength during his cancer and rare blood disease battle inspired Avelyn to do something she’s never thought about before. She’s excited to see where this wild ride takes her. 

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