Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Steel Veins MC box set Adair Rymer

Publication Date: February 2, 2015
Series and book number: 1-3
Rating: 4 stars

Official blurb:

Too Rough For Love (#1) 
Too Wild To Ride (#2) 
Too Fast For Hope (#3) 

When the Steel Veins MC rolled in, Star's life was changed forever. Her only chance of surviving the vicious gang lies in the hands of a terrifying, yet dangerously handsome biker, Remy "Poet" Daniels. 

But Remy's MC has twisted itself into something he doesn't even recognize anymore, and as long as the two remain with the club, he can't keep Star safe. 

All alone and hunted, they are forced to overcome rival clubs, hit squads, corrupt cops and death itself. 

Their old lives reduced to ashes, one young woman and an outlaw are forced to trust each other to survive. Can Star live in his violent world, or is Remy's love just too rough? 

Author's Note- Hang on tight! This is a fast, brutal, explicitly sexy and heart-wrenching series. This thrill ride is NOT for the faint of heart!

Too Rough For Love

This short novella is packed with hot and steamy scenes and action. From the very start there is action and suspense. When first meeting Star, she is trying to do her best to go to college and have a normal life. As soon as the bikers come into her aunts and uncles gas station, things go from okay to bad in an instance. She meets Remy and it’s an instant connection between the two. Although it’s unusual circumstances, Remy takes Star under his wing and cares for her in his own way. I liked getting to know Remy. He is the all time bad boy and he screams powerful and dangerous. The book has a lot of twists and turns and I was surprised how it ended. I am excitedly waiting to read the second book!

Too Wild to Ride

Wow! This book is filled with tons of hot packed action! I was on the edge of my seat the entire ride hoping and praying for once that something would go right for Remy and Star. Unfortunately the both still have a lot to go through before they get a break. I have faith that they will soon find it! Even though they both have darkness inside of them, they both have a strong connection to each other. They found love with each other and at the same time they are each other’s salvations. And at the same time they try their best to redeem themselves from the horrible things they have done. Star has become such a strong woman and I admire her for not running away from everything. She sticks it out and helps Remy as much as she can. I am excited to see how book 3 goes and I hope and pray that things work out for this book couple.

Too Fast For Hope

What a wild and crazy ride! Book 3 is just like the other two in regards to the action, suspense, and some hot and steamy scenes with Remy and Star. I felt sorry for the two at the beginning of the story. They both try so hard to go back into the normal world and they just couldn’t do it. I knew a part of them would be changed forever with the things they had to do. I was glad they stayed together and helped each other more than anything. Remy is on a mission and I thought he wanted to change things in his club for himself and for the brother he lost in book 3. A lot of things happen in book 3 but I was happy it all ended the way it did. I loved reading fast paced books and this one took it out of the ball park for me. I recommend reading this series if you like MC romance and with a bit of action as well.  

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