Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review: The Most Special Chosen Of All by Rachel Vega

Publication Date: January 22,2013
Series: Exalted Bloodlines
Rating: 5 stars
Official Blurb: 

Vampires DON'T exist. That's my mantra when my imagination goes into overdrive and my fantasies get a bit too vivid. But really, it can be hard keeping my mind in the real world when Damien looks like he’s stepped out of one of my vampire books, something Shawn constantly reminds me of in his tirades against him. But Shawn’s wrong, my intuition tells me Damien is perfect, other than the fact that he’s not a vampire. Ok, so maybe my interest IS borderline obsessive, but I’m only human, right? 

Join Elysabeth and Damien on an exhilarating journey of romance and discovery. Their differences lead to some rocky moments, and Damien's secret could see everything fall apart for them. But that's nothing to the secret uncovered about Elysabeth and her family.

Anything to do with Vampires is a book for me! We meet Elysabeth or Lys, who is in her last year of college. She has a best friend Shawn, whom she rooms with and is like the brother she never had, being an only child. With loving, if not a bit controlling parents she has it all put together. Except for love, she has never felt that special connection with someone, never felt the desire she hears people speak about. Having such good grades, and also being an avid reader, Lys has an obsession with Vampires. Shawn is the only person who knows. Damien, just looks like a walking sin, with the dark hair, brooding good looks and clothes right out of a magazine. He is what a vampire would look like, IF they existed. It’s almost too good to be true when he walks up and starts talking to Lys and Shawn in the library. There is something about him that draws her to him, and it’s more than just the obsession.

Damien has secrets though, and as they start dating, it’s clear that he is very fluent, smart and extremely wealthy. Lys, trying not to let her vampire craze takeover, completely misses the clues but before too long, she learns all the secrets Damien has to offer, and some of her very own.

I really enjoyed this first book, it kept me wondering what was going on with Lys. I knew right away about Damien. But Lys, it was quite a surprise to see that she is not all that she seems. I love how the author made their connection so strong, and the way that the story all ties in together created a great background as to how vampires were created. I also loved Shawn, and I think I can see where he will end up and I hope he does get his happy ending. Although, I know there is more to Lys and Damien’s story, as well as the rest of Damien’s family. I’m excited to see where the author goes next and how Lys’s parents react to her big news!! 

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