Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: Duke by C.J. Washington

Publication Date: 12/12/2015
Series: Fallen MC #1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Nicole’s life had never been easy. It was a mess. It doesn't help that her Father uses her as a bargaining chip in his illegal deals. Now, she finds herself as collateral for the Fallen Motorcycle Club and in more danger than ever before. Will she ever catch a break and finally get the happy ever after she's always dreamed of?

Duke is the VP for Fallen MC. His life is the club and he likes it that way. His brothers and his bike are all he will ever need. Women come to him easily and he likes variety. He's got no intention of changing anything until the new collateral, a dark haired beauty, takes up residence in the compound.

Stand-alone read. For ages 18+ Contains violence and sexual content.

This book… seriously… melted my panties off!! I’ve had a serious crush on MC romance within the last year I won’t lie. But, Duke has serious barreled its way into the top 10 of my favorite MC books of all time. Washington’s dirty talking bad boys of MC and Nicole’s cool and calm demeanor after becoming collateral to the club is literally awe inspiring. These two characters are by far some of my favorites of all time across all genres.

Nicole has faced some pretty horrible stints as her father’s collateral. She’s been battered and torn throughout her entire life and she knows it will never end until she walks away. Her latest stint in the Fallen MC she doesn’t expect to be any different. She knows how to act when it comes to the MC hierarchy as her abuse from RIOT MC. She’s prepared to do what she’s asked while she binds her time for her father to set her free and pay his debts. Yet, she doesn’t expect to find a serious case of instant attraction and carnal passion for the VP of the club…

Duke is your typically MC VP. Tough as nails, enforces his Prez and clubs rules while taking his pick of the club cycle bunnies to suppress his carnal needs. He never expected that his other brain would kick in as soon as he saw Nicole being taken to her new home away from home. He knows he needs to steer clear of someone the club now owns for her father’s debt, but tell that to the beast in his pants. He wants her and will kick any other guy’s ass in order to secure his claim. How could someone so beautiful have so many past scars and offense to break down his walls??

The ending.. holy shit.. just wow. I never expected Duke to rattle me like it has. I finished this book and just sat there staring at my Nook like a zombie.  Washington has given MC Romance lovers one of the rare have to read it and re-read it novels that we all crave!

Duke’s dirty talking smoothness was enough that I felt like I needed to check my pulse and breathing. Just the things he says to Nicole were enough to make me jealous of their relationship alone and it’s fictional!! Washington has just secured another Fallen MC stalker because I want the next book like NOW!!

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