Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: Ashes to Sparks by Jeanine Binder

Publication Date: February 13, 2015 
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: 

Fire alarms, car accidents, and wildfires. Those used to be the biggest things Ryan had to worry about. Not what he was going to have to say to a judge in order to be able to see his own daughter more than once a month. The politics of divorce only served to spin up his temper and make him a cold-hearted bastard to his fellow firefighters, his friends, and even his family.

In the middle of all of this drama, Ryan found a friend. A friendship which exploded in his mind once he found out she was a widow; her husband having been killed while deployed in the Middle East. Ryan felt like Lindsay was a living piece of his soul.

Can Lindsay hold him together through the trials of having his daughter abducted? Can she show Ryan that love is what binds people together, especially during a time of strife, showing him the way to happiness?

I really enjoyed this book. It was a very sweet love story. There were a few parts that had me in shock and I couldn’t believe what these characters had to go through. But overall the love in this book over takes the bad.

Ryan is going through a divorce. Let me tell you his ex-wife is a HORRIBLE person. I could not stand this woman from the moment she was introduced. Ryan only wants to see his daughter Kristen and finally be free of his marriage and the problems his ex brings to the table. Just when Ryan least expects it, Lindsey comes into his life.

Lindsey is Ryan’s daughter Kristen’s teacher. She is always there to help Ryan when his ex decides she doesn’t want to be a mother. Lindsey has became very good friends with Ryan but she also sees a possibility of being more than friends. Lindsey has been lonely since her husband was killed while deployed but doesn’t want to move to fast into a relationship.

These two have a great relationship. They started out as friends and then later became lovers. Sometimes life has a way of throwing obstacles into their paths that they both need to overcome.  Wendy was a MAJOR problem for these two. Warning there are a few parts in this book that made me tear up. My heart was completely shattered at the events that took place. But I am so happy that Lindsey and Ryan got their HEA.

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