Sunday, March 29, 2015

Review: Undercover by Kasey Millstead

Publication Date: 3/22/2015

Series: Zephyrs MC #1
Rating: 5 stars

Official Blurb:

From USA Today bestselling author, Kasey Millstead, comes a steamy erotic romance standalone novel about lies, betrayal and love... 

When undercover agent, Oak, infiltrated the Zephyrs MC, he expected to find a lot of things - all of them illegal. What he didn't expect to find was the beautiful brunette serving drinks behind the bar at Club Z. 

Willa Burke spends her nights serving drinks at Club Z. It's not the life she imagined for herself, but sometimes you don't get a choice; you just have to do what you can to get by. 
Outside of working for them, she'd never shown an interest in the Zephyrs. Until she met Oak. The tall, wide, muscled man with skin the color of burned caramel and eyes a shade lighter than melted chocolate. 

She wants him. 

He wants her. 

She's good and clean. 

He's good and clean pretending to be bad and dirty for the sake of his career. 

When Oak brings the Zephyrs to their knees, will it also mean the end for Willa and him? 

Or, will it strengthen their bond? 

Full length, standalone novel. Approx 348 print pages 

She's a fiery, sassy little thing, and he's an alpha male intent on fighting the temptation he feels for her. Their combination is explosive and you'll enjoy every smoking hot, thigh clenching moment

Undercover is my very first Kasey Millstead book! HOLY MF-ING GOD! WOW!  I was literally blown away with this book. I’ll admit I forewent about 2 hours worth of work because I couldn’t put this book down after starting it on my lunch break. I didn’t see so many of the plot twists coming and for a seasoned reader like me that takes some serious plotting skills. I can usually spot the major plot twists within a few chapters, but not with this book.

Roman is our sex on a stick bad boy biker… or is he? Roman may just be deceiving everyone around him to get his mission done. He constantly fights an internal battle between duty and his heart.  The MC rules his life, but he’s been denying his heart the reason that it beats. Things aren’t what they seem just like Roman. The only thing he knows is that he needs to stay away from Willa. He’ll suck her down with him into the dark abyss with him, but tell that to his other brain and heart. He wants her like a drug addict wants a fix. A threat causes him move sooner than planned because he is not about to let some low life thug take away him woman.

Willa knows the lines that she cannot cross with the club. Her brother being a member has laid down some strict ground rules to protect her from any back lash from the club’s dealings. She’s finally settling into her new life and job at Club Z. Yet, every time the silence of tall dark and handsome that is one of her brother’s club brothers she anything less than calm, cool, and collected. This man lights her panties on fire and he doesn’t even give her the time of day. But, this man rides to her rescue when a past threat comes home demanding money. She knows she shouldn’t let him in, but she’s got no choice.

I don’t know what more I can say about how awesome a read this book really is for me. It’s got everything you could want out of an MC book and so much more. Undercover leaves your heart pounding and your panties wet. The twists and turns will leave you on the edge of your seat. Fans of dirty mouthed bikers, explosive romantic chemistry, and suspenseful romances will love this book just as much as I did! This comes HIGHY recommended from Saints and Sinners Books!

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  1. I was checking out this review, in all honesty because of the rafflecopter, I'm feeling the need to one click this freaking book! You did one heck of a review! I think I would want to read it even if I wasn't an MC fan!