Monday, March 23, 2015

Review: Time Served by Julianna Keyes

Publication Date: 3/23/2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

Dean Barclay had nothing to do with my decision to flee my old life, but he is 100 percent of the reason I vowed to never look back.

I've never forgotten how it felt to follow Dean—dangerous, daring, determined—away from the crowd and climb into his beat-up old Trans Am. I was sixteen and gloriously alive for the first time. When I felt his hand cover my leg and move upward, it was over. I was his. Forever.

Until I left. Him, my mom, and the trailer park. Without so much as a goodbye.

Now Dean's back, crashing uninvited into my carefully cultivated, neat little lawyerly life. Eight years behind bars have turned him rougher and bigger—and more sexually demanding than any man I've ever met. I can't deny him anything…and that just might end up costing me everything.

Time Served was an interesting read. The premise of the story revolves around Rachel returning to roots for a job and the consequences of a past relationship and current career colliding head on. She left her life abruptly and told no one goodbye on her quest to make something of herself. She never wanted to step foot back into the trailer park she came from, but her job as an attorney has landed her right back into the thick of her past life including a former flame that wants to find closure with her.  That former flame, Dean, just happens to have been in prison while she was gone and seeks to find revenge for the shattered mess she left him. But, it’s through this revenge bedroom romp that these two people who are now from different sides of the track may learn to love again. What’s an attorney to do when she has an ex-con ex-boyfriend who wants to break her heart and heal it at the same time.

Time Served was an enjoyable book. I’ll admit there was at times where the pace of the story seemed a little bit too slow for my liking. Yet, the intensity of the drama of the story held my interest through the pacing issues I was having while reading. The characters and world development are intriguing and complex. Dean was by far my favorite as his internal battles against his feelings toward both the new and old versions of Rachel and his stint in prison.  I do like that Keyes didn’t write a lot of fluff to fill in the plot and stuck with a more straight forward approach to her story telling.  Keyes also leaves bits and pieces of the story open ended which could bring about another adventure into Rachel and Dean’s new lives. 

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