Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Dark Debt by Chloe Neill

Publication Date: 3/3/2015

Series: Chicagoland Vampires #11
Rating: 5 STARS!!

Official Blurb:

Between standing Sentinel of Cadogan house and making society appearances with House Master Ethan Sullivan, a new member of the American Association of Vampires, Merit has her hands full. The last thing she needs is trouble, especially of the deadly kind.

But when an old friend shows up in need, Merit can’t refuse. Morgan Greer, Master of House Navarre, has gotten himself into serious debt with a dangerous Chicago crime syndicate known as the Triad. And they’re willing to exact more than a pound of flesh for payback—unless Merit can find a way to stop them.

Only the Triad’s connections go deeper than Merit knows, and even one wrong move could be her last… 

Holy Mallocakes everyone! As if the Chicagoland Vampire Series by the marvelous Chloe Neill couldn’t get any better… it did! Dark Debt comes barreling head first into a new bevy of characters and a new plot twist that I have feeling will be sticking around for some time. The new big bad is in town and he’s not exactly ready to depart from this world just yet.  Dark Debt showcases that it’s not always the supernatural beings you have to be afraid of as the human race can be just as dark and twisted as a vampire or a werewolf.

One of the best things about Dark Debt is the multitude of emotional connections between the characters Neill has expertly placed in motion.  Merit is thrust into so many different situations may those be physical or emotional between a multitude of characters that you can feel how much she’s grown into her Sentinel life.  Merit has faced some pretty nasty demons in her past and overcome so many trials and tribulations that you’d expect to her find her heart hardened. Yet, she still possesses the softness of a woman who loves under her badass katana wielding exterior. 

The plot itself is VERY intriguing and brings a new big bad player to mess up Merit’s fun and a deeper look into vampire house politics. Yet, there’s lightness to the story with Ethan’s teasing Merit of what’s to come with their relationship and prophesied future as well as the emotional pipe bomb Mallory throws in the mix of intense turmoil. There are some people in Merit’s life that you know you’ll never learn to love and it honestly surprised me when a few of these characters are given just the tiniest bit of redemption.  While other characters you find you liked really overstep their friendship boundaries and leave you with a bad taste in your literary mouth.

As a whole, Dark Debt really resonates with me long after I’ve finished it. I think in terms of the series in general Dark Debt may be laying the ground work of not only the end of the series in the future but as well the future direction of the series.  Who can you trust when both humans and supernaturals bring darkness down around them? Dark Debt is the kind of book that throws your literary heart into emotional overdrive and sends you into a 360 degree spin. When the spinning stops, you just never know where you’ll end up. I want to end my review by saying thank you to Chloe’s Publisher, NAL Trade, who granting me an ARC.

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