Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Dark Alpha Box Set by Alisa Woods

Publication Date: 3/30/2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City. 

Jak enjoys the female human population of Seattle as much as any wolf, but his heart belongs to a female shifter who’s already mated. Worse, she’s the mate of his alpha’s brother. 

Arianna was captured from her pack when she was only twenty and mated to a wolf whose dark side takes full advantage of her unbreakable bond to him. Her nights belong to him, but her days are free to explore other things… including feelings for a wolf she can never have. 

Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both? 

Book 1: Torment

Jak wants what he cannot have. He shouldn’t want another alpha’s mate, but since setting his eyes on Arianna she’s all he can think about. The consequences for even thinking about her is sure to lead to his death, but when he she’s how lonely her eyes are and her need to feel real love and freedom, can he continue to deny what he feels?

All Arianna wants is a chance to run free and to know what it truly means to be free. Stolen away from her home and mated against her will, she lives a life of seclusion and torture in the form of her mate’s sexual passion for her. She feels empty, but when the chance to finish her degree gives her a taste of what’s she’s yearned for so long, she has to take it. But, its when her bodyguard turns out to be the guy she’s crushed on her entire time with the Red Pack, she has to decide whether to drop her guard or live the lie forced upon her.

Woods picked the perfect title for the beginning novella. Torment aptly describes what both characters are currently facing. Though the torment may not exactly be the same, it has changed their lives for the worst. The only shining light they have to cling to is whatever is developing between them. What could be a budding friendship will blur pack lines and the line in the sand when it comes to mistreated mates. Readers will not be disappointed in the latest addition to a new novella series by Alisa Woods. Bring on the Pleasure!!

Book 2: Pleasure

Good Grief!! If you thought the plot thicken at the end of Torment, you have no idea what you are about to walk into. Things continue to heat up between Jak and Arianna’s mate Mace as the news of their attack hit home. Couple that with Jak and Arianna’s sordid affair becoming more and more dangerous being added to the volatile mix and you’ve got the recipe for disaster on the horizon. The additional characters that are new to the ever thickening plot bring to light something that may affect Jak and Arianna‘s desire and need to be each other’s mate. Jak is faced with likely on the hardest decisions in his life. Do you die trying to save the one you love or fall to your knees in defeat?

Book 3: Deception

Uh oh… here we go! Big Decisions are about to me made and be damned the consequences. The revelation from the witches have set in stone the action Jak must take in order to liberate Arianna from Mace. The question is whether or not she’ll be willingly to make the same sacrifice for freedom and love. Deception sets the wheels in motion for heart pounding suspense and action. The cliff hanger in this book is the best so far of the series!! Things are about to go bat crap crazy in the Red Wolf Pack!!

Book 4: Escape

Ahh!!!!! I don’t know where to even begin with this review. This is the turning point in the series! Our star crossed lovers are on the run and their lives are about to forever change.  Holy crap this novella series is good and it only continues to get better and better. Now if they could only break that mate pesky mate bond ;)

Book 5: Penance

Heartstoppingly Good! Woods has literally stunned me. I was not expecting the twists and turns that have unraveled for Jak and Arianna. The cliffhanger is enough that it made me cry knowing I had to wait to fight out what was going to happen in the final chapter. I was screaming at Jak at the beginning of Penance and crying for him at the end. Grab the tissues.. you’re going to need them!!

Book 6: Loved

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! This serial novella set is just mind blowing. After the emotional tearjerking cliffhanger, I wasn’t sure what to think about going into Loved. I knew that my heartache would fall into one of two categories, mourning or sweet romance. It would be spoiling to tell you which one will happen.. so I guess all I have left to say is… READ IT!!!

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