Friday, March 6, 2015

Review: The Danger of Destiny by Leigh Evans

Publication Date: 3/3/2015
Series: Mystwalker #4
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:


There are very few days off when you’re on an epic quest. Believe me, I know. I’m Hedi Peacock—one half Fae, the other Were—and if being a half-breed with one foot in each world isn’t tough enough to manage, there are the four chambers of my heart to consider. The one who holds the strings? Robson Trowbridge, the Alpha of Creemore. If I had my way, he and I would be locked in a bedroom, for eternity, but a pressing family matter needs my attention. It’s true what they say: A woman’s work is never done.


My twin brother is being held captive by the Old Mage in another realm. Lo and behold, as soon as Trowbridge and I arrive in Merenwyn, we’re separated in spectacular, dramatic fashion—and I’m left to figure out how to maintain the fragile balance between my Fae magic and my wolf’s blood in a realm that cries to both. Not easy, particularly when I'm keeping an iron-grip on my temper so as not to dispatch with extreme prejudice the odd wizard or smart-mouthed mutt servant who crosses my path. My mama never told me there’d be days like these, but I’m not going down without a fight…or my mate.

Ah!!! It’s finally here!!!! I’ve been waiting on this book for an entire year! After diving into the Mystwalker series in a major book binge reading session last spring, I have been anxiously waiting for Danger of Destiny. We are finally getting a glimpse of our hero and heroine working side by side instead of against each other and their packs/families.  Heidi and Trowbridge’s relationship as blossomed into something beautiful and strong. Their relationship is the kind of love you want to have when you are facing imminent danger and even death.

One of the best parts of this book for me is seeing Heidi coming into her own powers and skin and using them to protect the people she loves the most. Heidi’s transformation from pack troublemaker to mate of the alpha has been somewhat rocky. Her half-blood status lands her into trouble because of her genetics, but she has always had a knack for bringing attention to herself and causing havoc wherever she goes.

As sad as I am for this series coming to an end, Evans has created a beautiful gem with the Mystwalker series. I’ve loved this series for what seems like ages and now it’s over. Evans does do great justice to the ending and gives you just enough closure for the fans of this series to feel satisfied that their favorite characters will have a somewhat happy ending off book. I would like to thank author Leigh Evans for giving me such a remarkable story to help forget life for just a few hours. If you’ve just heard about this series from my review then I highly recommend picking up this series right now!

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