Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: Consume Me by Ryan Michele

Publication Date: January 18, 2015
Series and Book: Ravage MC #3
Rating: 5 Stars 

Official Blurb: 

Prospect Andrew “Tug” Tugger wants two things.

One, to become a member of the Ravage Motorcycle Club, and two, Blaze, the sexy brunette whose eyes set him on fire.

Only one of those things is under his control, and he is done waiting.
It’s time to take what he wants.

Blaze has been running from her tragic past for over four years. She is finally feeling settled, after stripping her way through school and building a life in Sumner, her first safe haven. She keeps everyone at arm’s length, afraid to let anyone discover the secrets she holds within.
Tug sets out to make Blaze his, but will someone get burned in the process?
Will Blaze run again when her new world is threatened?
Or will she allow Tug to consume her?

**Due to sexual situations this book is intended for over 18 only**

I seriously cannot get enough of this series. I read all three books back to back to back. MC books are normally not my thing but I absolutely love each one of these characters. In each book we get a short glimpse of not only the other couples from the books but also the couple for the next book and I could not wait to meet Tug. I fell in love with Tug from the very first page of his POV. Lord that man made the pages on my kindle melt. I knew Blaze was running from something in his past but I never could have guessed what it was. The attraction between Blaze and Tug was instant and started when she was stripping one night. I love how Tug keeps pushing Blaze slowly but not enough for her to keep running. Every single time these two were together I knew it was a matter of time before Tug would snatch Blaze up. Both Tug and Blaze both had pasts they are trying to forget and I think that’s why they connect so much. Some of the things Tug would say to Blaze made me blush just reading it. So be prepared for some hot sex between these two. I love this series so much. It not only introduces us to new characters but also brings the old characters back for us to see how their lives are going. I was honestly said when I realized there were no more books in this series for me to one click. I will patiently wait for another and I am very excited to see where this series is going. 

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