Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review: On The Dotted Line by Kim Carmichael

Publication Date: 1/23/2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

A signature can change everything…

Rather than silver, Randolph Van Ayers III was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and plenty of strings attached. Faced with a list of specific goals he must achieve in order to earn control of his family’s banking empire, he’s accomplished each task and triumphed. One item remains on his list. He must marry by his thirty-third birthday and stay married for one year. However, when his so-called fianc√©e leaves him on the courtroom steps only hours before his deadline, he realizes he might lose for the first time in his life, and a Van Ayers never fails.

Taught to rely on the universe for answers, Willow Day has always struggled in the material world, specifically her lack of material. With her small holistic store near foreclosure and without a home, she must do anything within her power to make the business work and take care of the woman who raised her. When the rude, yet gorgeous, Randolph the Third offers to fix all her troubles in exchange for one year of her life, she opens her mind and takes a chance.

It’s the battle of the mystical over the money. Between a hidden pet who looks more like a cotton ball, performance artists with wings, and a woman who spouts advice like a living fortune cookie, everything from restaurant reservations to a trip to celebrate the winter solstice create clashes for the couple as they learn how to fit into each other’s worlds. 

With both their futures at stake, they must learn to accept reality, what the fates have dealt them and the consequences of falling in love from the moment they decided to sign on the dotted line 

Now where do I sign?

I really enjoyed On The Dotted Line for a somewhat unconventional reason. This book was a great intriguing romance story, but what I feel in love with most is the underlying non-romance undertones and the holistic ideals of the heroine of the story. After loving one of Carmichael’s previous series, I knew that I wanted to dive into On The Dotted Line when she offered me an ARC.

Carmichael weaves a tale of a business deal marriage/romance. A very rich man must marry within a specific time frame in order to inherit the family banking business. After a failed attempt, he literally offers the deal of a lifetime to an unsuspecting acquaintance. I’ll set you up for life and save your business if you pretend to be happily married to a very rich attractive man. Who wouldn’t take that deal? Ummm… I know I would!! (Sorry honey J I still love you!) Randolph has a secret life that will leave you a little mind boggled and intrigue. Plus, it ties into Willow’s eclectic lifestyle.

The plot was a very twisted web of suspense and blossoming romance. Just when you think okay maybe these two will work their shit out, BAM!!, a romantic drama pipe bomb is thrown into the mix. Yet, beneath the drama and romantic turmoil, there’s an underlying tone of finding love in unexpected places and fighting for it when you’re against all odds. The secondary characters add just enough power and pizazz to the story that you really get the feeling there’s more to just Willow and Randolph’s romantic struggles to the story.

This was a great new novel by Kim Carmichael. Her plot themes will leave you in suspense as the story goes on and the secondary characters will leave you laughing your ass off at times. You’ll know what I mean when you meet Nan and hear about the alter. While the story is wrapped up in a nice tight bow, I’d love to come back to these characters in the future and see what they’re up too and their lives have changed since the end of On The Dotted Line. 

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