Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review: Hook Me by Chelle Bliss

Publication Date: 06/07/2014
Series: Men of Inked #2
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

Michael Gallo found his calling in life – he wants to kick ass. He works at Inked as a piercer, but spends his mornings training and dreaming of winning an UFC championship. Michael is the road to achieving his goal when a chance encounter alters his world forever. The title is no longer enough – he must capture the woman of his dreams.

Dr. Mia Greco is dedicated to saving lives and helping those less fortunate. She doesn’t have time to meet Mr. Right with her busy schedule. She buries herself in her work and helping humanity. Fate steps in and sweeps the carpet out from under her. She tries to deny the pull to him, a man that uses his fists for gain, but the universe won’t let her walk away so easy and Michael isn’t one to take no for an answer.

He has a secret that may rip them apart. There are forces bigger than them at work; drawing them in and making their worlds collide – not letting either one of them walk away.

Sweet mother of all that's holy.. these covers are killing me!!!! I thought Throttle Me was hot.. nope, blown completely out of the water by Hook Me. I don't know who this model is but... I think my husband's jealous of my staring and drooling!!

Back to the story!! The next Gallo Brother were are introduced in this fan-freaking-tastic series is Mike. He's a tough as nails MMA fighter. Inside the ring, he's dominating presence in the fighting world. In the bedroom, he's a true romantic at heart yet has enough of devilish side that will you panting. He's never been the kind of guy who'd pursue a woman. They've always flocked naturally to him. He's had one night stands with some crazy as women who will haunt him as he pursues Mia, his sexy as sin emergency room doctor that brushed him off. He's never had a woman say no to him before and he isn't about to walk away from someone like that. 

Mia is overworked and undersexed. She's married to her work and saving lives from the ER to the free clinic. She spends her life fixing people that she cannot come to gripes that the man who's attention she desires is a MMA fighter. He causes the injuries that she fixes on a daily basis and that's not something that she is sure she wants in her life. Fate has a funny way of bringing someone unexpected that will rock your world. 

Hook Me has a superb balance of sweet romance, dirty bedroom romps, and hilarious family moments. The Gallos Family is the kind of family we all wished we belonged in. Bliss has continued improving an already amazing series. With each book the series grows into something bigger and better. I honestly think I need to get a shirt that says the Gallos Men own me. Just don't tell my husband!

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  1. Good to know the series is so good. I've heard about it, but I haven't read any of the books yet. Sounds like I'll have to pick them up :)