Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Blue Persuasion by Blakely Bennett

Publication Date: 2/10/2015
Series: Bound by Your Love #3
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Judy, dubbed Blue by her friends, is a voluptuous thirty-one year old woman longing for a love of her own. Even more frustrating than her dissatisfaction with her work and the unwanted attention her body garners is always coming in second with the opposite sex. 

Bond, her best friend and lover, helps Blue stay sane and sexually satisfied, but she knows her place. Their secret relationship leaves Blue hungry to have a man she can call her own.

When she finally succumbs to Cat’s artful needle for her first tattoo, she crosses paths with Tate. The towering, tattooed, motorcycle riding, American Indian fires off all her warnings signs, but she finds herself drawn to him against her own self-preservation. 

Thankfully, Blue’s close-knit group of friends help to keep her grounded, as does the women’s group she attends weekly, but she still finds herself wanting and needing more.

Will Blue ever find the love she needs and deserves or will she forever come in second? Read her sexy story of friendship and love to find out.

Good grief!!! As if I couldn’t love this series or these characters anymore, Blakely Bennett has divided my heart yet again with Blue’s story. I’ll admit I was never a fan of Blue because of the small tidbits of information we were given in the first two books. I was skeptical that I would ever feel a connection with her because of her past actions and her somewhat controversial arrangement with Bond.  Bennett has managed to take me from teetering from the fence on Blue to full blown stalking her.

I think the biggest part of my newfound love of Blue as a character has to deal with the explanation of her relationship or lack thereof with Bond. For both of them, it’s more of a safe outlet to fight back the demons in her past and find some semblance of peace in a non-threatening sexual situation. Blue’s past in terms of relationships both sexual and non-sexual is definitely not the first love romance story we all hoped to have at her age. Those actions have haunted every single relationship she’s ever had.  Blue is a tough little cookie when it comes to fighting her way out of the darkness. Bond is her first outlet that she can fully trust, but when newcomer Tate rocks her to her very core can she move onto a new and strange place with someone who’s just as damaged as she is, or will she stick with the new comfortable she’s grown to know in Bond?

Tate’s rules and regulations of relationships really threw me for a loop. How can man who can so passionately pursue someone have so many reservations about his future happiness? But, the demons from his very own past could rival those of Blue’s. The level of chemistry between Tate and Blue’s characters and sometimes almost childlike views on how to make their relationship work really resonated to me in the sense that not everyone is emotionally ready or even stable enough to commit to someone. For those of you wondering about the steam factor about Tate… turn on the AC in your reading room and watch your panties because when Tate wants to come out to play you’ll need the fire department on call.

I think one of the many reasons I love this series is that is gives you a sense that sometimes love knows no boundaries. Not every can find what they are looking for in a single person and in order to feel comfortable in their own skin that loving more than one person may be what’s best for them.  Happily Ever After’s for any individual are never going to be the same and why try forcing to stay with society’s ideas about what’s normal and what’s atypical.  The addition of continuations of the other characters stories as well as the impact of Blue and Bond/Tate’s relationship on the group dynamic is also something I really enjoy. Red, Jaqs, and Bond’s story started off this wild ride and I cannot wait to see what comes next. I am particularly ready to learn more about Sam as the series continues!!!

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